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What is Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)? The windows disease

Microsoft's Windows Operating System is most popular OS in past 20-25 years. Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) have an interesting story for windows OS. Here I don't tell you that story of windows but the windows disease Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is available from the first release of Microsoft's OS MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) later MS-DOS renamed as MS Windows (Microsoft Windows) and became most popular Operating System in the world. Windows have more than 90% market in Personal computer Operating System.
The Blue Screen Of Death is the blue screen displayed on the monitor when Windows gets critical and unrecoverable fatal error. This Blue screen contains the detailed information of error and error code (which is similar to 0x000586Xd). This problem is called as the Blue Screen Of Death because this screen flashes on your monitor for few seconds only and Windows try to recover by giving itself a fresh start. In some cases, windows recover itself by giving itself a fresh start and help you to resolve the problem by creating different log files and system dump files. Unfortunately, windows is a software program and it does not contain any robot mechanic to repair itself and your system becomes unusable or we can also say that your computer is dead. Windows display BSOD only in unrecoverable conditions and you don't get any chance to store your work and data.

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Windows 7 or lower version of windows users face this BSOD more frequently than windows 8 and higher. Fortunately, Microsoft worked harder on their Windows and minimized 70-80% of the BSOD errors. Windows 8,8.1,10 and higher version of windows still have this problem but in minimum cases.Free

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There is no fixed reason to have a BSOD it can come to any windows machine but there are some causes why your system will get defected:

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  1. Computer VIRUS: Computer Viruses are the most common reason to defect any system and wreak the system security and files which are important to run Windows. If any of important files which are required to run windows properly are damaged by viruses and windows fail to access that file which crashes the windows system and cause BSOD. To prevent virus attack on your Windows System install a trusted Anti Virus Program.
  2. PUP: PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) these are applications which can damage your system. These programs download and run automatically when you surf the internet or you get a victim of any phishing attack. Most of PUP's are detected by Anti Virus program.
  3. Pirated copy of Windows: pirated copies of windows which are not activated legally have more danger of BSOD. I recommend you to buy a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows.
  4. Bad Installation source: Since Microsoft does not provide a download link for any version of windows more than 2 days for security reasons many peoples download the Windows from torrent or any third party web site for reliable download. This copy of windows does not authorize by Microsoft employees and it may have already damaged files that can cause BSOD.
  5. Defective Hardware: Defective or old CPU's prevent Windows from running properly. I recommend you to run system hardware diagnosis provided by your system manufacturer and repair or replace defective hardware.

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How to make your windows :) again

If you want to wake up your PC and want to work for you again here I have great solution for you which is absolutely work for you without investing your money. You just need to clean install Windows.
Need help? Follow these steps.
  1. Download Windows ISO file from Microsoft Download Center. (Click here to learn more about what is ISO file?)
  2. Create bootable USB or CD/DVD.
  3. Boot into your system into this bootable media.
  4. Format and reinstall windows on C drive (Be careful).
  5. Done.

  • Additional precautions:
  1. Update windows and Anti Virus regularly. (Learn more about software updates here)
  2. Do not install any cracked software.
  3. Do not run any software patch or crack on your system.
  4. Enable UAC (User Account Control).
  5. Do not install any system cleaner or system optimizer. (These applications may damage your registry).

  • What is Blue Screen Of Death?
  • How to prevent BSOD?
  • How to fix Blue screen of death BSOD?
  • What is PUP?
  • How to clean install any OS?

Put Lucid Puppy on a USB Flash Drive in Windows. In the following section I will show you one way to put Lucid Puppy 'Lupu' on a USB Flash Drive from within Windows by using our Universal USB Installer. Lucid Puppy, coordinated by Barry Kauler is made from a combination of Woof and Canonical's Ubuntu Lucid Lynx release. Although cram packed with popular features, this Linux distribution remains small, weighing in at only 128MB.

Lucid Puppy Linux 'Lupu' Running from USB:

Distribution Home Page:

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 128MB (more with persistence)

Persistent Feature: Yes

How to download a song from amazon music. Lucid Puppy Live USB Flash Drive Creation Essentials

  • Windows PC (XP/VIsta/7) to perform the conversion
  • lupu-5.1.1.iso
  • 128MB or larger USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)
  • Universal USB Installer (does the USB conversion)

Lucid Puppy Live USB Flash Drive Creation tutorial

  1. Download and launch our Universal USB Installer, select Lucid Puppy and follow the onscreen instructions
  2. Once the script has finished, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot

If all went well, you should be booting from your Lucid Puppy USB. You will be prompted to create a persistent file for saving your session data on shutdown. Just be sure to choose your USB device when prompted.

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