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* Added 10 more Audiobook sites to the existing list, making it 35 (9th March 2009)
* Added 1 more, making it 36 (22nd August 2009)
* Added 5 more, making it 41 (22nd February 2011)

Download the latest AudioBooks and listen to them on any device instantly. High Quality formats. Browse all Audio Books. What do your clients say about the very first time they met you, spoke with you on the phone, or walked into your business? What was their first impression of you and your business? Are there literally any credible websites to download free audio books? What are some good websites to download free Telugu audio books? Jonathan Chen, Audiobook fanatic, 700+ and counting.


From books to ebooks to audiobooks. Depending on your daily schedule and personal preferences, you might opt for something different, something which is somehow the most convenient for you. Although speed can be a factor, getting audiobooks as an alternative medium to get your readings done can be an enjoyable experience.

  1. (This site has been mentioned multiple times on this site, but I think this site should be the clear winner for this category.)
  2. – MP3
  3. Free Classic Audio Books – MP3 & M4B (Ipod)
  4. Project Gutenberg Audio Books Project – (Human-read & Computer-read) – MP3, M4B, OGG, SPX
  5. People Talk – MP3 (Added 22nd August 2009)
  6. Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast – MP3
  7. Podio Books – Listen online, but can be downloaded as MP3
  8. Literal Systems Free Audiobooks – MP3
  9. Assistive Media – Podcasting for the Blind – MP3
  10. Stories To Go – MP3
  11. Story Spieler – MP3
  12. Oculture Free Audio & Podcasts – Various categories in MP3 format
  13. downloadable MP3 books – MP3
  14. StoryNory – Free Audio Stories for Kids – MP3
  15. – Requires registration to download from the free section
  16. Talking Book Store (Selling audiobooks but this link goes to their free section)
  17. Learn Out Loud (Free Audio & Video Section of their site)
  18. Audio Book Quest – 45 Free Audiobooks
  19. StoryLine Online – FLV
  20. ThoughtAudio – MP3
  21. Free Children’s stories Audio books – Listen online, but can be downloaded as MP3
  22. – Commercial but has a free section
  23. – Free Audiobooks each week
  24. TellTale Project – MP3, OGG, AAC
  25. Audio Anarchy – MP3
  26. Listen Here – Commercial site but has a free section
  27. Talking History – MP3 & RM (Added 9th March 2009)
  28. Books Should Be Free – MP3 (Added 9th March 2009)
  29. Audio Book Treasury – MP3 (Added 9th March 2009)
  30. Simply Audio Books – Monthly free audiobook (sign up required) (Added 9th March 2009)
  31. LoudLit – MP3 (Added 9th March 2009)
  32. – MP3 (Added 9th March 2009)
  33. Audio Literature Odyssey – MP3 (Added 9th March 2009)
  34. Lit2Go – Stories & Poems (MP3) (Added 9th March 2009)
  35. Kiddie Records Weekly – MP3 (Added 9th March 2009)
  36. Poetry Archive – Listen Online (Added 9th March 2009)
  37. Audio Books & Poetry (MP3) (Added 22nd February 2011)
  38. Maria Lectrix: Public Domain AudioBook Podcast, for people with Catholic tastes (Listen Online) (Added 22nd February 2011)
  39. Naropa Poetics Audio Archives (access to over 5000 hours of recordings made at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado) (MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV) (Added 22nd February 2011)
  40. Globe Radio Repertory (founded in Seattle in 1982 to bring the classics of world literature to a new and wider audience) (MP3) (Added 22nd February 2011)
  41. 9 Free Audiobook MP3 by BarnesandNoble (Short Stories) (MP3) (Added 22nd February 2011)


Business Management Audio Books Free Download

  1. EPNWeb – The Education Podcast Network (Podcast)
  2. PodcastDirectory – Various Categories

Sources (Ilounge’s Forum, MightBargainHunter, Pickthebrain & Google)

Twilight Audio Books Free Download

We hope you enjoy another long list of compilation, and feel free to leave your comments if I’ve left anything good. Cheers and happy reading listening! 🙂