Cant Download Torrent On Chrome

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Cant Download Torrent On Chrome
Hi Guys!!!
My name is karan . Actually im having a problem from 15 days.iam not able to download anything from u -torrent i dont know what problem it is but is always says on bottom of utoorent that waiting to login to dht . earlier i had downloaded many things from u torrent .
These are the steps i took:
Enabled and disabled firewall.
reset my router
I also added a nat rule entry in my router configuration
My router is GlB-802 C manufactured by D-Link
Guys Please Help me i cant download anything like large files as therer are powercuts in between regularliy .Please help me???????
After searching on google for hours and finding no satisfactory result i finally came here..its my last chance so guys please help me.......
Also when i click on force start i says either no incoming connections or sometimes it says i dont remeber exactly but something 'blocked' it says
Even my trackers run but show 0 seeds dont now why
Problem above is solved the new problem is below (I updated this thread)
Well im updating this thread because .....ya my problem just got solved but the new problem is
see i first downloaded battlefield bad company 2 ...
Now i wanted to download crysis 1 i downloaded it 30 % but now its not downloding im stuck
The other torrent Arkham city game is also stuck at 0.4 %
Weird thing is that when i see my downspeed at page when it shows the downspeed less than 350 ..say 245, 324 actual download speed is the downspeed / 8 ....i.e. if 324 is downspeed then actual downspeed at which u torrent downloads is 324/8 = 40.5 nearly . So now i downloded the game 30 % after this i fixed some noise in my telephone line and i got average 600-700 kbps downspeed at now my avergae download speed is nearly 60-70 kbps but now u torrent is unable to download anything it just says connecting to peers.....please help me solve this problem
Simply the Problem i experienced is When i get high speed...u torrent is unable to download anything,,,,but when i get low speed say 20-30 kbps .....u torrent downloads but i fixed some noise in my telephone line and now i am getting more speed nearly 70-80 kbps
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Can You Download Torrent Files On A Chromebook

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  1. According to Chrome the BitTorrent client poses a serious risk. “uTorrent.exe is malicious and Chrome has blocked it,” the browser informs those who attempt to download the latest stable release.
  2. Since chrome/ium uses xdg-open this is the best method for setting the handlers. You can replace /usr/bin/transmission-gtk for any client you like. This works for almost all flavors of Ubuntu.

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