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Cinematic Strings 2 is a completely redesigned and updated version of the original orchestral strings sample library. Whilst retaining the warm luscious. Click and download Free Download Cinematic Strings 2 ( from Torrents Uploaded Emule Rapidshare.

Based on sound, price and size, Cinematic Strings 2 is a very strong competitor in the string library market and offers some seriously good bang for buck. Written by: admin Emmett Cooke is an Irish composer for film, tv and video games. Cinematic Studio Strings is fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player, and will work as a standalone product with no need to purchase additional software. Kontakt Player is available as a separate download from Native Instruments and can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

This demo shows what Cinematic Strings 2 library can really do. The best way to really judge the quality of a string sample library is to hear it in a well-known piece for string orchestra, like this one, which arguably may be the most significant piece in all of string literature, although it was not originally written for full string orchestra, but string quartet. The pivotal 1971 recording of the expanded version by the NY Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein virtually changed the way audiences have come to think of orchestral strings, and would also prove to change string writing for film scores forever. It's no coincidence that its climactic peak features what is probably the longest, loudest, highest chord ever required in classical string literature. No wonder audiences insist on hearing it from their orchestras on a regular basis. As a music technology/composition teacher, I assign students to sequence ths piece as a final project for the advanced course. It s a challenge. The demo uses Cinematic Strings' Legato scripting with automatic vibrato. The other option is to control vibrato with a CC, a very nice feature of this library, not used here. I don't know of another library that can do this work justice, and although the VSL version is very impressive, and impeccably sequenced, I prefer this library's power and depth. Compare at


Cinematic Strings 2 is a completely redesigned and updated version of the original orchestral strings sample library. Whilst retaining the warm luscious tones produced in the world class Verbrugghen Hall of the Sydney Conservatorium, the new version features a sleek new interface and even smoother legato. Big-screen impact with orchestral strings and horns, powerful cinematic percussion, and otherworldly soundscape tools. SESSION STRINGS PRO 2.

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Beautiful expressive deeply moving!!:)

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Great interpretation!

Comment by Russell Wilson - composer

@daniel-foerster: Thanks, Daniel

Comment by Daniel Foerster

Incredibly vibrant and convincing synthesis! Well done.

Comment by Russell Wilson - composer

@reverendp: Thanks for listening.

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Cinematic Studio Strings Vs Cinematic Strings 2

Very impressive !

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hauntingly beautiful

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such an emotional journey its been my pleasure to take it with you. great sound for a great classic.

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@owen-barra: Pues estoy muy agradecido por las palabras tan positivas. Me alegro que te lo gusta. Veo que estas recien llegado a SC. !Felicitaciones y buena suerta con su musica!

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Genial, no me quedan palabras para describir como hiciste esta melodía, ESPECTACULAR

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Great work, I want to buy it !

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Clyde, Thanks for the response. I would have to say the same thing about your Copland. Better than a live performance, or any recording I have. Ihave conducted it and played it, but never quite to perfection. Midi tech certainly allows that, and I love it.

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Profoundly beautiful and touching. Surpasses many live performances I've heard.

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This is a big challenge for each string library. Your version is really impressive - very musically performed and also well mixed.

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Cinematic Strings 2 Free Download Pc

Really nice work!!! How did you do it? Which virtual instruments did you use? Sound really real :)

Professional string libraries can be intimidating beasts, but Cinematic Strings 2 aims to make programming realistic orchestral strings as easy as it ought to be in this day and age.


A fully scripted library for Kontakt/Kontakt Player 5, CS2 divides an orchestra's worth of strings into five sections: Violins 1 (x12) and 2 (x8), Violas (x7), Cellos (x7) and Basses (x6). The articulations (each containing four dynamic layers) are easily loaded using the switches in the middle of the GUI, and they can be key-assigned via MIDI Learn.

A built-in mixer is used to load and set the levels of the four captured mic channels: Close, Stage, Room and Mixed. Throw in two different staccato lengths (Staccato and Staccatissimo) and you have the essence of CS2.

Sampled transitions with scripted envelope control keep legato performances smooth and convincing, while short notes can have their envelopes shaped in the Advanced page.

All five sections also feature both High and Low position samples for two distinct 'global' tones, and the Live mode throws slightly 'wobbly' samples into fast passages in order to introduce human timing and tuning variations. The Arco articulation features a punchy staccato layer at velocities of 60+, and vibrato intensity throughout can be modulated via MIDI CC.

CS2's 22GB library sounds stunning. The three discrete mic channels blend beautifully, and the sound is big, rich and a little edgier than some such libraries.

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Achieving the articulations and nuances you want is a snap, with no significant compromise in terms of functionality and depth.