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Day of Defeat - Source Soundtrack

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Album name: Day of Defeat - Source Soundtrack
Number of Files: 13
Total Filesize: 18.02 MB
Date added: Dec 1st, 2014

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TrackSong NameMP3
1.Day of Defeat - Source Theme - Long​Version2:572.87 MB
2.Day of Defeat - Source Theme - Short​Version1:172.51 MB
3.Day of Defeat - Source Theme - US​Version1:032.09 MB
4.Day of Defeat - Source Theme - German​Version1:052.14 MB
5.Day of Defeat - Source Theme - Hymn of​Defeat and Victory2:082.12 MB
6.Day of Defeat Classic Theme1:032.09 MB
7.US Win0:210.81 MB
8.German Win0:240.89 MB
9.British Win (Day of Defeat Classic)0:260.96 MB
10.Achievement Earned Stinger0:070.43 MB
11.Domination Stinger0:060.40 MB
12.Nemesis Stinger0:060.37 MB
13.Revenge Stinger0:050.34 MB
Total:11m 8s18 MB


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Submitted by Fedora the explorer
Rating: 9/10
Awesome music. I like how this composer (which is Mike Morasky) use instrument that have a 20th century feel to it. I think this is 100% perfect but the reason i didn't put a 10 is because of the amount of effort they spent on this game/music. Still it a fantastic album and a very good game which I highly recommend to buy on Steam.


Day Of Defeat Source Key


Day Of Defeat Source Free Download

Day of Defeat Source Full Version Download Genre:> Action, Shooter, System Requirements: Operating System:> Win XP / Vista / 7. Repack – direct link – free download – cracked Day of Defeat: Source is a team-based online first-person shooter multiplayer video game Title: Day of Defeat: Source.