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Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

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Collection of mobile java games available to download such as arcade games, puzzle games, funny games, sports games, shooting games, and many more! Download the free games everyday! To dowload the free games, please select your phone model on the right box.

Simply the best racing game you’ll find on mobile, Real Racing is every bit as good as its console counterparts. Choose a hugely addictive in-depth career mode that sees you competing in events around the world. The graphics are jaw-droppingly good, and if you’re on iOS, you can even use Airplay to play on the big screen. There are in-app purchases for more cars and upgrades, and you can also race online against other users.

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

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This is an instantly addictive puzzle game that took the app world by storm. Dots is simple to play and involves connecting dots of the same colour in a grid that reminds you of a Connect 4 board. It’s intuitive and highly addictive, and regular updates add new ways to play.

Super Hexagon

£1.99; iPhone, iPad and Android

Designer Terry Cavanagh’s latest arcade masterpiece looks like Op Art and plays like a fall down Alice’s rabbit hole. Dodge left and right to avoid being trapped in a frightening geometric maze. This is as tough as they come, and is certain to be a modern classic.

Flow Free

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

This ingenious puzzler has you drawing increasingly complex patterns on screen to link dots of the same colour without crossing the path of another colour. It’s simple but, as the board grows, it gets much harder and more addictive.

Where’s My Water? 2

Free; iPad, iPhone and Android

This follow-up to the hit Disney physics puzzler challenges you to guide your character through a series of water puzzles. It looks fantastic and is great fun to play.

Download game jenga untuk java download

Temple Run 2

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

The endless-runner hit gets a sequel that involves ziplines and mine cars. It’s as addictive as ever.


£0.69 iPhone and iPad; Free Android

Arguably the world’s greatest game is as addictive on smartphones as it is on your PC. Skip it now and you’re merely postponing the inevitable.


£2.99 iPhone and iPad; £3.25 Android

The concept is simple: expand the circles until the numbers inside them total 100. It’s the way the game progresses that makes the concept work.

Draw Something

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

The Draw Something craze has long since subsided, but this turn-based spin on Pictionary is still a lot of fun when you’re playing with friends.

Fieldrunners 2

£2.99 iPad; £1.87 Android

This tower-defence game pits you against massed ranks of enemy soldiers. Luckily, you have a range of turrets to help you out.

Bike Baron

£0.69; iPhone and iPad

A wonderful physics engine gives you control of your motorbike in this slightly mad game, although excellent graphics and regular updates will keep you coming back to ride through obstacles without crashing.


£2.49; iPhone and iPad

This stunningly original update of the classic helicopter game sees you frantically tapping the screen to guide a monster through a series of levels. One of the best-looking apps you’ll find.

Hero Academy

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

More of an online sport than a game, Hero Academy pits you against rivals on a grid-based battlefield where there are magical crystals waiting to be destroyed or defended. The rules are straight-forward, but the different teams you can choose provide depth.

Trial Xtreme 3

Free; iPod, iPhone and Android

Negotiate a superb obstacle course on a trials motocross bike in this highly addictive and great-looking game.


£1.99 iPhone and iPad; £2.28 Android

A clever twist on the puzzle game sees you playing as dots rolling through the history of typography, learning as you go. It takes you from cave painting to computer-game art, and it’s hugely addictive as well as looking great.

Osmos hd

£2.99 iPhone and iPad; £1.87 Android

A simple physics-based puzzler with plenty of devious levels, Osmos is elevated to great heights by its Hubble Telescope-influenced art style.


£2.99; iPhone and iPad

iPad owners in particular should investigate this title, just to see their gadget put through its paces. It’s a dark, brooding platform game that has you solving a series of puzzles.

Papa Sangre

£2.99; iPhone and iPad

Close your eyes and play this weird and scary audio-intense game with your ears alone, avoiding traps as you navigate through the darkness.

Jetpack Joyride

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

An autorunner in the spirit of iOS classic Canabalt, Halfbrick’s charmer chucks in rocket boosters and an addictive meta-game. Nice graphics and easy controls make this a winner.

CSR Racing

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

An astonishingly addictive drag-racing game, you’ll find yourself drawn in and buying upgrades so your cars can work their way through the levels.

Backbreaker Football

£2.39; Android

Why bother with all the tedious waiting around in American football when you can cut straight to the good stuff? Backbreaker Football pares the sport back to the moments that really count: wild cheers that accompany a touchdown, and the crunching tackle that signals miserable failure.

Lumosity MObile

Free; iPhone and iPad

Bringing brain training to the road, the app designed by neuroscientists promises to train your brain with a selection of mind-stretching puzzles, and you can also play from a web browser.

Super-brothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

£2.99; iPhone, iPad and Android

Beneath the cloyingly hipsterish presentation lurks an adventure game of quiet elegance: Superbrothers isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

£4.99; iPhone, iPad and Android

While most people over 30 probably won’t have a clue what Minecraft is, this pocket edition of the popular virtual world has been a huge hit, and it lets you build and explore the block-based universe wherever you are.


£2.49; iPad

Gentle and slow-paced, Incoboto sends you into a faraway solar system on a mission to reignite an ancient star. Platforming, puzzling and getting gloriously lost are the order of the day here, while a sharp satirical storyline saves the whole thing from collapsing into a singularity of pure whimsy.

Peppa Pig’s Holiday

£2.99; iPhone, iPad and Android

Anyone with children won’t need an explanation for why this great app works. The franchise comes to the app world, and it’s guaranteed to give parents some peace and quiet.

New Star Soccer

Free iPhone and iPad; £1.99 Android

With 8-bit graphics and limited gameplay, don’t let NSS fool you: it becomes more and more addictive as you manage your team through the world’s football leagues.


£1.49 iPhone and iPad; £1.32 Android

Anagrams get seriously tactical and stylish in this claustrophobic puzzle game in which you frantically make words as your stack of letters moves closer to the top of the playing area. Minimal artwork ensures that the screen is always readable.


£0.69 iPhone and iPad; £2.22 Android

The classic game works surprisingly well on a smartphone, and it’s every bit as annoying as the wooden version. It’s also a neat way of showing off your phone’s sensors.

Football Manager Handheld 2013

£4.99 iPhone, iPad and Android

For men of a certain age, this is simply one of the finest games ever created as you steer your team to league and cup glory. Hideously addictive, it’s a superb version of a console classic that robbed many teens of their formative years.


£0.69 iPhone and iPad; £1.86 Android

Draw a wintry assault course with your index finger and race a tiny skier across it at the same time. The sense of speed is mesmerising and the artwork ignites the screen. Listen out for the blast of Chopin that kicks in when you die.

Flight Control

£0.69 iPhone and iPad; £1.95 Android

The stresses of air traffic control are brought to life in this spatial management brain-teaser that challenges you to land planes.

Tiny Wings HD

£1.99; iPad

With its pastel environments and sweet-natured cast of characters, you might assume this autorunner was a throwaway treat. In truth, it’s a dangerously compulsive leaderboard chaser, especially in its latest tablet incarnation.

Radiant Defense

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

In space the aliens are swarming and ready to attack, but your deadly turrets will cut them down. Radiant Defense is hard but fair, and it’s beautifully presented too.

One-Dot Enemies

Free; iPhone and iPad

Less is more is the approach to take with this brilliant Japanese curio. What first appears to be a blank white touchscreen slowly crystallizes into a tabletop covered with scurrying pixel-sized critters. Crush them as quickly as you can and then marvel at how many of the little blighters have been culled worldwide.


£1.99; iPhone and iPad

The endless appeal of seaplanes provides the basis for this open-world flying adventure in which you putter across the sky delivering post for a selection of (admittedly rather forgettable) racial stereotypes. With a range of control schemes to choose from and delicate watercolour art, this is a magnificent way to waste an afternoon.

Candy Crush Saga

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

The runaway app success of 2013, Candy Crush sees you working your way through levels by matching sweets to make them disappear. It’s simple to play at first but then it becomes fiendishly addictive. Look around any bus or train carriage and you’re bound to see someone playing.

Fruit Ninja

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

Chop fruit and avoid bombs: action gaming doesn’t get simpler or more addictive than this.

Flick Golf Extreme

Free iPhone and iPad; £1.49 Android

An entertaining golf game where you flick your ball across a series of greens, adding spin and getting more addicted as you progress.


£0.69; iPhone and iPad

Few games are as hypnotic or menacing as Zaga-33, a top-down exploration adventure in which you work your way through an oppressive alien world. Fast-paced and pleasingly nasty.

Dungeon Raid

£1.49 iPhone and iPad; £1.28 Android

Match blocks to fight monsters in this witty, loot-heavy puzzle game. Don’t forget to turn the sound up – the audio is hilarious.

Shot Shot Shoot

£1.49; iPad

Download Game Jenga Untuk Java Gratis

Abstract and colourful, this game is an elegantly crafted spin on competitive air hockey in which no idea is wasted.

Joe Danger Touch

£1.49; iPhone and iPad

Take on the role of stuntman Joe Danger in this racing game, which has you performing tricks and avoiding traps as you race to the finish.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

Based on the hit movie, the second in the Despicable Me series sees you directing your minions across a variety of assault courses to keep them out of harm’s way. It retains the comedy of the film and is set to be a hit with kids and adults who have a soft spot for the minions.

Angry Birds

£0.69 iPhone and iPad; Free Android

Now that it’s slapped across everything from smartphone cases to children’s pyjamas, it’s easy to forget that Angry Birds became a phenomenon because it’s a brilliant game. A physics toy as much as an arcade puzzler, Rovio’s catapult-based challenges encourage you to lose yourself in the cartoon action.

Bad Hotel

£0.69; iPhone and iPad

Build rooms to defend your hotel from attack. Your tactics will need to be precise, but it’s the artwork and audio that stand out here.

Bus Simulator 3D

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

This really is a bus simulator but it’s a lot more fun than it sounds and the graphics are truly impressive. There are different routes, and you’ll even damage your bus when you hit a parked car.

Clash of Clans

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

Build your village and raise an army in this absorbing strategy game. You can play against others online or even join forces to form bigger armies. If you prefer to play offline, there’s a single player campaign mode.

Pocket Trains

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

If the 3D Bus Simulator didn’t do it for you, how about running your own virtual train set? Pocket Trains is surprisingly addictive, and it will have you managing railroads around the globe, building new tracks and hiring staff along the way.

Cut the Rope

£0.69 iPhone and iPad; Free Android

Cute and cuddly, this is a physics platform game in which you follow titular advice to get a series of boiled sweets into the mouth of a little green thing. Some of the later challenges will have you tearing your hair out.

94 Seconds

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

Think of it as Mastermind for the internet age. You have 94 seconds to answer as many questions as you can. It’s great fun as a party game, and you’ll definitely want to compete online to show off your high scores. You can download extra questions and there are frequent updates.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

Just to prove the franchise is still going strong, the latest installment is based on Star Wars and is every bit as good as the original. All your favourite characters from the films have been re-imagined in an angrier setting.


Download game jenga untuk java 1

Download Game Jenga Untuk Java Free

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

Sadly not based on the film, this flight simulator is nonetheless a big hit. Take charge of a passenger plane and try to land it.

Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror

£2.49 iPhone and iPad; £2.99 Android

A great point-and-click adventure that has been wonderfully updated for touchscreens, Revolution’s classic game has a new twist in this sequel.

Download Game Jenga Untuk Java 8


£1.99 iPhone and iPad; £1.91 Android

Different Jenga Games

Shuffle the letters to make words in a cracking game that throws in twists and rule tweaks to keep things interesting.