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Once done, the browser must be able to open magnet links with your torrent client. How to open Magnet Links in Firefox Browser Open Firefox browser and type about:config on the address bar. Torrents Time downloads and streams torrents instantly, directly from your browser! Just click on the torrent and start downloading and playing it easily and in no time.

Torrent Finder Toolbar is a torrent search toolbar for Firefox, which enables users to search over 180 top torrent sites and trackers from their Firefox browser the same way they used to search using form. It allows users to search a single site, search all sites on one page, or open the sites in Firefox tabs.A lot of. Apr 20, 2007 - Using source code from the official Bittorrent client, Firestorm will allow Firefox users to download torrents directly from their browser.

BitTorrent is such a simple concept. Transferring files from one user to another directly without interference from any server. But the process of downloading torrents is anything but. You need special torrent clients and have to monitor things like peers, seeds, trackers, and a lot more.

For someone just getting started, all of this can be annoying. If a dedicated torrent client is too complicated for you or someone you know, check out this Firefox add-on. It’s a simple torrent download manager written exclusively in JavaScript. What that means is that it will run inside the Firefox window and it will run fast.

How To Use Torrent Tornado

Go to the add-ons page and download it. Once it’s installed you’ll need to restart Firefox. You’ll see a new icon in the add-ons bar.

To download a torrent, go to the torrent site of your choice and click the magnet link. This will open up a menu box in Torrent Tornado.

First, Torrent Tornado will scan the magnet link and look for all the trackers. Once that’s done you can click the Next Step button.

This will show you all the files contained in the folder. You can click the Start button to start the download directly or go to the Next Step and manually select the destination for the download.

Once that’s done, the torrent will start downloading.

Torrent Tornado’s UI is much like any other download manager. The top half of the screen lists all the torrents, their names, seeds, peers, download speed, etc. The bottom half shows detailed information of the selected torrent.

Torrent Tornado has a navigation bar up top with options to add a new torrent file, stop, resume, or cancel all downloads, and a button that takes you to the settings page.


Download Torrent In Browser Firefox
  • The add-on is lightweight and you don’t need to install an extra piece of software. If your work machine bans program installs, this can be a workaround.
  • The add-on itself is fast. You can close the tab and it will keep working in the background. Clicking the extension button springs it back on in a second.
  • It has all the basic features. From the settings you can change the memory cache and maximum seeds allowed.
  • Unlike a lot of torrent clients for the desktop (looking at you uTorrent), it has no ads.
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  • It’s a download manager made from web languages that lives as an add-on in a browser. Of course it’s not going to be the most stable thing ever.
  • The speed fluctuates a bit too much. Sometimes I get full speed and a couple of seconds later I’m down to 10% of the bandwidth. Although this might be my internet connection’s fault.


Above all, Torrent Tornado gets the job done. While the speed drops were alarming at first, I did complete a couple of BitTorrent Bundle downloads. The trick is to let it be and not stare at the download speed like a maniac.

What’s Your Preferred Way To Download Torrents?

How do you download torrent files? Let us know in the comments below.

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Download Torrent In Browser Firefox Windows 10

The Mozilla Firefox browser was originally called Phoenix 0.1.

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Torrent sharing is a popular peer to peer file sharing method used mainly to download files like music, movie, etc. from the internet. Basically, the user installs a BitTorrent client like uTorrent or Vuze before downloading any file. The torrent client then downloads a torrent file from the torrent server to get the information about torrent index sites and where the client can download the chunks of data. On a related note, the torrent file is a data repository which contains useful information like the tracker, seeders, and leechers of the particular file you want to download. Once the torrent client knows where it can download all the chunks of data with the help of .torrent file, the torrent client calculates a unique hash code that helps in finding the peers, leechers, and seeders who are uploading those files which you can download from them.

What is a Magnet link

Nowadays, most of the torrent site is hosting magnet links instead of a torrent file. While visiting the torrent site, you might have come across the term Magnet links. Magnet link has quite a same modus operandi as a .torrent file which resides on the server. One can easily start downloading the files using magnet link which is a sort of hyperlink that consists of hash code for the file you want to download. Using a magnet link to download files will eliminate the user to download the .torrent files that sit on the server.

The magnet link uses DHT (Distributed Hash Table) instead of a tracker to download the data from a P2P torrent network. Magnet link contains all the information needed to download a file from P2P sharing network, and it is a serverless way of downloading the specific file in P2P network in contrast to the torrent file. The magnet links offer several advantages over the conventional use of .torrent files. The users can easily share a magnet link via email or, message instead of sharing a link to a .torrent file on a server. Additionally, the user has a higher chance of downloading a file even when a tracker is not available.

While the use of magnet link saves some infrastructural space on the server at the host side, it is also more convenient for the user as, all one has to do is, simply click on the magnet link to start the downloading process which ultimately saves the downloading time.

However, users have found trouble using the magnet links in Browser like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. In this article, we explain how to use the magnet link in any browser.

NOTE: Torrents may be legal or illegal. Some sites offer only legitimate content whose copyright they hold or things that are in the public domain. You should check with the law of your land to see what you are downloading is legal.

How to open Magnet Links in Chrome Browser

Add Mozilla Firefox Browser

Open the Google Chrome browser and Navigate to Settings. Go to Advanced and click on Privacy and Security.

Click on Content Settings and click on Handlers.

Toggle the button to “Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols(recommended)”.

Now go to the torrent site and click on magnet link to download the file.

How to open Magnet Links in Microsoft Edge browser

Press Windows key +R to open Run. Type regedit and click on Ok

Navigate to the following path:

Click on Default key at the right side of the window pane and change the value to:

Download Torrent In Browser Firefox Download

Click OK to apply changes.

Once done, the browser must be able to open magnet links with your torrent client.

How to open Magnet Links in Firefox Browser

Open Firefox browser and type about:config on the address bar. Type handler.expose.

Right-click and choose New from the drop-down menu.

Select Boolean from the drop-down menu.

Give the preference name network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet.

Set the value to false.

Now click on magnet link and choose Dialog and your torrent client in the Firefox Launch Application.

That’s all there is to it!

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