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Xenia is a free and open-source emulator for Microsoft Windows that allows Xbox 360 console. Xenia Project. ^ Jump up to: Good, Owen S. (March 29, 2014). 'Video shows Xbox 360 emulation working on a PC'. Archived from the original on June.

Hi, guys, I hope you all well. In this article, I am going to show you the working Xbox 360 Emulator and provide you with the emulator. After a long time and expand much time I found working Xbox 360 Emulator. Past time no working emulator available. But this time it’s really easy to play Xbox 360 games on your personal computer. You need just a working Xbox 360 working emulator and simple steps for play Xbox 360 games on your personal computer. I personally test this Xbox 360 emulator with many Xbox 360 games. It’s working fine with bios. /deadmau5-at-play-download-torrent/. Actually, this emulator no needs any BIOS. So, let’s get started.

A personal computer is a simple solution to play all game on your computer. Why expend money to purchase Xbox 360 console when you can easily play your Xbox 360 favourite and all game in your computer using Xbox 360 emulator.

Xbox 360 Emulator

Major Questions:

Q1: Is that working Xbox 360 emulator”

A: Yes, it’s a working Xbox 360 emulator. You can feel free to download and play all your Xbox 360 favourite games to using this emulator. I personally test this emulator with many games. Working fine.

Q2: What is minimum system configuration for Xbox 360 emulator?

A: Actually, It depends on the game. If you are playing mini-games like Limbo. Then you should have Intel Core i3 processor, 2GB DDR3 Ram, 1GB Nvidia or AMD graphic. If you are playing a big game like gears of war or other. Then your computer hardware should be Ci7, 4GB Ram or 8GB Ram, 2GB Nvidia or AMD graphic.

Q3: This emulator require BIOS?

A: No, as I mentioned before In this article 1 paragraph. This emulator no requires any BIOS. You can run emulator after install to using Xbox emulator setup. This emulator has inbuilt BIOS.

Q4: This emulator requires the password?

Download Xbox Emulator For Psp

A:/risk-to-download-torrent-in-usa/. Yes, this emulator requires a password. Due to a security reason. When you download Xbox 360 emulator. Then you can easily extract using “Smart SK Tech” Password. You just need to copy and paste for extract emulator.

Download xbox 360 emulator for pc with bios and plugins

Q5: Will this emulator ask to complete a survey?

A: No, the file just passwords protected due to a security reason. But this emulator will never ask you to complete a survey. You can freely get this emulator. You no need to face surveys.

Q6: Can I play all Xbox 360 games using this emulator?

A: Yes, you can play all Xbox 360 games using this emulator. I personally test this emulator with many games. All games are working fine.

Q7: Which game format will work in this emulator?

A: This emulator accepts only .iso format. You can’t play another format in this emulator. Becuase this emulator has no another future to accept other formats.

Q8: Where can I download Xbox 360 Games?

A: This website is uploading many Xbox 360 games soon as it possible. If you require any games then you can leave the game name in the comment section.

Q9: What happened If my computer does not meet the minimum requirement?. Will it work?

A: If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirement then emulator will work. But your game performance will be so slow. You have to meet minimum system requirement for play your favourite Xbox 360 games on your personal computer.

Download Xbox Emulator For Pc

Q10: Has this emulator any time limit?

A: No, this emulator is full version and no time limit. You can easily play your game anytime and you no need to worry about the time limit.

Q11: Why my emulator is not working?

A: It’s mean during download your emulator link was broken. Don’t worry download this emulator again and it will work fine.


  • Fix bad graphics
  • Bug fix
  • Bug-free.
  • Run smooth game.
  • Decrease system requirement.
  • Support AMD graphic card.
  • Compatible AMD process.
  • Support full-screen mode.

How to install Xbox 360 emulator?

  1. When you complete download extract emulator on your computer desktop.
  2. Double click to run emulator EXE
  3. Follow the screen introduction
  4. Go to the computer directory C://program file/EMU360X V1.0 or C://program file (x86)/EMU360X and run EMU360X.exe
  5. Select EMU config
  6. Config the emulator according to your computer hardware and press the save button
  7. Select pad config. Config the pad button which is comfortable for you to play the game. You can also config your Xbox 360 or another gamepad. Like PlayStation 3 controller, PC gamepad or keyboard.
  8. Select browse ISO and select your favourite Xbox 360 game ISO.
  9. Select start game to play your game.

Summary:- As I mention in my all article please read the whole article to get you all question answer. Then you will no need to ask any questions. I hope this article helps you to play your Xbox 360 games on your personal computer. If still, you have any question in your mind then ask me or share to leave a comment in the comment section. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.

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Xbox One Emulator

Do you wish you could play all your favorite Xbox games to your PC? Well, that is also a possibility these days. You can easily download Xbox 360 emulator for PC and we have that covered for you. All you need is learn all the requirements and all the things you need to do. After that, you can play all your Xbox games with just a few drags and clicks.

There has been a lot of Xbox 360 emulator in the past years. But unfortunately, all of them seemed to be not working as expected. Some suffer from performance issues and some struggles with reading the majority of ISO/Discs files from Xbox CDs.

There are even more issues if we are to list them one by one. This is due to the drivers and hardware incompatibilities that Windows PC and Xbox machine have. But there is one Xbox 360 emulator for PC that stands out and gives a promising stability. That emulator is called Xenia. With its developers that seemed to never lose faith in improving the emulator, there is a good chance that sooner or later, they could actually pull this off.

Emulators are software that runs apps or games on a computer system from another computer system. If you are familiar with BlueStacks Emulator, it is an Android OS emulator that lets an Android app or game to run on a Windows machine. There is also a BlueStacks for Ubuntu Linux if that is your thing.

Given that you are here for the Xbox 360 emulator for PC then that is what you will get. Here is how you can download and use Xbox 360 emulator for PC.


  • 2 How to download and Install Xbox 360 emulator for PC
    • 2.1 Step-by-Step Guide

Download Xbox 360 Emulator

Download Xbox 360 Emulator For Pc Windows 7

NameXenia Master Emulator
Size10.1 MB
RequirementWindows 8/8.1/10
AuthorBen Vanik & Justin Moore

-Official Download Link

-Alternate Download Link


How to download and Install Xbox 360 emulator for PC

Xenia System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or 10 only
  • An OpenGL 4.5 compatible GPU (NVidia GPU recommended)
  • 64-bit Intel Sandy Bridge, Ivy, Haswell, or Skylake
  • A keyboard or an XInput-compatible controller
  • Your library of saved Xbox games.

If your system does not meet the system requirement, please refrain from continuing with the instruction. We do not want to waste your time if that is the case.

Xbox 360 Emulator Download Pc

Step-by-Step Guide

We have researched for this Xbox 360 emulator for PC. And Xenia is the one that gives more positive results than the others. Plus, it can run more Xbox 360 games compared to other competition as well. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can use this emulator.

  1. On your Windows PC, open your web browser.
  2. Download the Xenia compressed file as it contains all the needed data to run as Xbox 360 emulator for PC. Or you can use the download button above to get it directly from our server.
  3. For faster download speed, you must have IDM installed on your PC. IDM is one of the trusted download managers that can boost your download speed up to five times.
  4. After the download finishes, you can extract the ZIP file to your local drive easily because the Windows 8.1 and 10 have a native ZIP handler. Or you can use WinRar if you are not familiar with Windows native ZIP file explorer.
  5. Now, open your library of saved Xbox games and put it side by side with the Xenia folder.
  6. Choose a game and drag it onto the Xenia.exe file.
  7. As soon as the game touches the Xenia.exe file, the games will instantly run.
  8. That’s it. You have now a working Xbox 360 emulator for PC.


The Xenia or also known as Xbox 360 emulator for PC is still under development but it has been tested to run a good number of game titles. That includes Devil May Cry, GTA 4, Gears of Wars, Midnight Club L.A., and many more.

If your game is not yet supported, you may just request on Xenia forum on their website and someone from there might help you out. Or you can wait a little more until it is finally supported onto the emulator.

In Conclusion

Xenia is considerably the best Xbox 360 emulator that is free and easy to operate. I recommend you to try this emulator for your games.

Totally Free Download Xbox Emulator For Pc

Also, please let us know in the comment section what game title you tried that run effectively on the Xenia emulator. This is to help out other users who want to know if their favorite game is already supported and can run properly with Xenia.

For other questions and queries, just let us know in the comment section and we will answer them or one of the readers would. You may also share this article with other people that want their Xbox 360 games to be playable on Windows PC.

Download Xbox Emulator

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