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Anyone know of a URL of a Fender database that tracks serial numbers of strats? I'm trying to help a relative determine if his 'American' strat was made in Mexico or not. I thought perhaps the number would indicate its source of origin.

Frank G.

11 years ago
10 years ago

i have a fender stratocaster whit serial number n1017024 want to know the value /paul-harvey-the-rest-of-the-story-download-7997/.

10 years ago

Hi Leonardo, welcome to the forum 😊 I hope you will like it here. Rag n bone man wolves download.

I think this is a 1992 stratocaster and around %575-900 -
however perhaps another member can give you a more accurate number.

10 years ago

Fender.com has a decent s/n lookup function too.

Value of used Fenders is based on condition (unless it is real old). A good place to check value is on eBay. Just see what they are selling for. In good condition, a US made strat that is 10 years old or so should bring $500-700.

Mexican Fender serial numbers usually start with the letter M. But check out Fender.com to be sure.

Hi Slash.

10 years ago
10 years ago

I am doing well , thanks for asking. I hope you are too, Been pretty busy here lately as our new band is starting to do some local shows and being well received. Once we get our site cleaned up, I'll be posting a link for y'all.

10 years ago
10 years ago

Hi Marcus and welcome here 😊

From Fender's site:

' N7 + 5 or 6 digits .... 1998'

See here


10 years ago

hey, i have a mexican 50's reissue strat i bought in in 2002 or 2003. i determined this by the serial number beginning with MZ2. I was just wondering what specific year this was modeled after? right now i'm guessing it's '54. can anyone confirm or deny this? thanks.

10 years ago

naworffoeg welcome to the forum 😊

Same goes for you.

I don't think a more reliable source is available than the one of the manufacturer itself 😉

10 years ago

Hey I'm new, just wondering how much 1996 American Strat #N503253 would be worth on something like ebay..

Black, stock pickups, rosewood, still nice and shiny. Any input appreciated - Thanks!


10 years ago

Ohw, that's a difficult one, Gavin. Do you have more on that guitar?

10 years ago
10 years ago

Yes sure you can. Just remember that pix should be under 500 pixels in size.

10 years ago

huh - i'm having a helluva time posting a pic - it won't show up in the preview

10 years ago

Gavin, upload it and make sure it doesn't exceed 500 pixels. As long as it gets along these guidelines it will upload.
Skip the preview 😊

10 years ago
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10 years ago

Gavin, that's a beautiful guitar 😊 I found a discussion about a 1996 American Strat HERE, on Ebay (please click), in where the price of $600 was mentioned as a 'good-low price'. Perhaps this gives you some indication 😊

10 years ago

Thanks for all your input - I was thinking of selling but now my gut kinda tells me 'don't do it!'

10 years ago

I think you should follow your guts 😊 It's a beautiful guitar 😊

10 years ago

Fender Amplifier Serial Number Database

Try this, hope it helps it helped me 😊
[Broken link]

10 years ago

Fender.com and select serial numbers. I have gone here before to check serial numbers from eBay.

10 years ago

can someone tells me how old my fender strat is the serial is T011466. it's made in japan. thank you so much..

Fender Serial Number Chart

10 years ago

Yes, it's called <Fender.com> and check the serial number there or you can contact their consumer relations via the same address.

10 years ago

I have a 1987 American stratocaster. My brother paid $800.00 new. Does anyone know what I should sell it for. It was given to me in 1989 and has been played approximently 40 hours if that much.

9 years ago

Hi all, just joined when I was researching the serial numbers for Mexican made strats. I'm about to sell one and want to describe the age accurately and hopefully I will buy a 84 SG tomorrow, hell of a deal, I still love Fenders but..love AC/DC too. One day I will have a guitar collection, for me that means more than one!
From the Fender.com site, no password necessary:
MN0+ 5 digits 1990-1991
MN1+ 5 digits 1991-1992
MN2+ 5 digits 1992-1993
MN3+ 5 digits 1993-1994
MN4+ 5 digits 1994-1995
MN5+ 5 digits 1995-1996
MN6+ 5 digits 1996-1997
MN7+ 5 digits 1997-1998
MN8+ 5 digits 1998-1999
MN9+ 5 digits 1999-2000
MZ0+ 5 digits 2000-2001
MZ1+ 5 digits 2001-2002
MZ2+ 5 digits 2002-2003
MZ3+ 5 digits 2003-2004
MZ4+ 5 digits 2004-2005
MZ5+ 5 digits 2005-2006
I hope that helps anyone out there still looking, and glad to be a part of the neighborhood.

9 years ago

I'm having trouble figuring out whether my Fender Starcaster is a vintage or one of the recent remakes, can you help? serial #0050960782

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