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Mar 6, 2017 - Additional Information: G Data BootCD is a multi engine antivirus that uses avast! You are required to download the emergency disk package.

  • Great product, have used it for years. It works well on all drives and usb drives.

  • This is about Gparted Live distro. The creators of Gparted have some grudge against wireless. There is no wpasupplicant, and it cannot be obtained by apt-get with the default server in Taiwan. There are no wireless options in Network Manager, no other wifi software provided. This is ridiculous in 2018! Are there some obscure laws in Taiwan against providing wifi software? I suppose it's easy enough to retrieve from some other Debian server, but if you are a beginner panicking about messed up partitions, the last thing you want to worry about is manually installing wireless network software. Truthfully, I would rate gparted itself five stars. I've certainly been tempted to give at least a token donation. But I am so frustrated about this issue which continues into 2018. There are enough five star ratings so that my rating is but a tiny blip. I just want to draw attention to this bizarre state of affairs.

  • Gparted very useful disk partition tools have been of use more times than are countable. Arabic mehndi designs book free download.

  • very good, it works marvelously

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  • G DATA AntiVirus Boot-CD. Download the G Data BootCD for free in addition to your G Data product. The BootCD is an excellent and usefull utility to detect viruses that infected your pc before installing the antivirus software.
  • Jul 2, 2014 - Additionally, you can download a comprehensive manual in PDF format. Own G Data boot CD, DVD or USB stick, you must first install G Data. The ISO file can then be burned using external software, or distributed.
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