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Magma is one of the few monsters in the Toho menagerie to not appear in any films in the Godzilla series. Interestingly, there were plans to have the monster appear in Destroy All Monsters (1968) but it was decided not to include him.
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Originally, the film wasn't going to include the giant walrus Magma. However, producer Tomoyuki Tanaka insisted that the monster be put into the film, so Ishirô Honda added the sequence, albeit reluctantly.
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Most of the ship and helicopter models seen in the South Pole construction sequence were scale model kits that were made by Revell and Aurora. Many of these kits have been re-released and are still available.
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Gorath was released theatrically in Japan on 21 March 1962 where it was distributed by Toho. It was released in the United States as Gorath by Brenco Pictures through Allied Artists Pictures with an English-language dub on 15 May 1964. The film was double-billed in the United States with The Human Vapor.
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Paul Frees performed the voiceover in the first few moments of the English-language version of the movie. He was known for his spot-on impersonation of Orson Welles and was a ubiquitous voice-over artist in the 1950s and 1960s.
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Originally, the monster Magma or Maguma was meant to be a reptilian creature. Not wanting to simply do a rehash of Godzilla, Ishirô Honda had it changed to a giant walrus instead.
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Director Ishirô Honda would go on to name this his favorite film for its message of human equality and international cooperation, however he always felt the forced-in scene of the giant monster Maguma brought the film down. He felt he should have fought harder against its inclusion.

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While the movie's premise is entirely fictitious and unscientific, director Ishirô Honda thought it was important to present it in a plausible manner. The calculations seen on the blackboard during the scientific conference were actually chalked up by a real professor to lend the film some credibility. Honda also worried that the movie would downplay the effects of the Moon's destruction and that a scenario where a speeding planetoid's gravitational pull destroys the Moon but mostly spares Earth would be too unrealistic. Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka insisted he should not be concerned about such details, arguing that realism wouldn't make for a good movie.

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