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Half-Minute Hero - The Second Coming - Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Half-Minute Hero - The Second Coming - Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 85
Total Filesize: 166.71 MB
Date added: Nov 28th, 2015

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TrackSong NameMP3
1.Half-Minute Hero The Second Coming Main​Theme1:202.16 MB
2.The Prospects For..1:312.32 MB
3.Cheap Treasure1:392.48 MB
4.Winged My Steps1:292.52 MB
5.Everything Begins From Here0:280.70 MB
6.One Winged Hero -Theme of Yusha-2:033.05 MB
7.Intro of THE 8 ELEMENTS0:100.33 MB
8.Battle of THE 8 ELEMENTS0:581.38 MB
9.Peek into the DARKSIDE1:452.96 MB
10.End of OVERTURE1:191.85 MB
11.HIYA!1:001.82 MB
12.OUTER WORLD1:502.59 MB
13.Intro of THE 4 DEADLY SINS0:401.01 MB
14.Battle of THE 4 DEADLY SINS2:394.00 MB
15.End of JUDGEMENT1:442.43 MB
16.Princess, Defender of the Academy -​Theme of Yushia1:522.88 MB
17.Gadget March1:151.86 MB
18.ELECTRO MAP1:222.12 MB
19.Through the Ordeal1:302.30 MB
20.The Evil Lord Appears!0:080.25 MB
21.When I'm finished you're gonna look like​swiss cheese!0:581.69 MB
22.Intro of THE 3 EMPIRE GENERALS0:090.28 MB
23.Battle of THE 3 EMPIRE GENERALS0:381.02 MB
24.Intro of THE 8 GRIMOIRE0:230.60 MB
25.Battle of THE 8 GRIMOIRE1:382.46 MB
26.Princess Battle Light0:531.47 MB
27.Final Battle of REVOLUTION1:412.67 MB
28.Parade of REVOLUTION1:352.40 MB
29.wildness2:393.85 MB
30.No more HERO - Theme of Yuja2:263.51 MB
31.Intro of THE VENUS 70:120.30 MB
32.Intro of THE GOD 90:240.66 MB
33.Battle of THE GOD 92:073.14 MB
34.Battle of THE VENUS 71:051.69 MB
35.Voice of the VENUS1:061.65 MB
36.Intro of THE BLACK VENUS0:100.31 MB
37.Battle of THE BLACK VENUS1:172.16 MB
38.To a Space Faraway - Scat ver2:132.55 MB
39.DESTINY1:272.09 MB
40.Divine Protection1:593.01 MB
41.Intro of GODWAVE0:330.85 MB
42.Battle of GODWAVE1:572.99 MB
43.FATE0:190.50 MB
45.Grand Ending2:313.52 MB
46.Reunion -Theme of Hero 55-1:131.93 MB
47.Magnolia1:011.66 MB
48.Last is Doon!1:162.28 MB
49.Last is Doon! - short ver0:240.65 MB
50.Electric Light Bath0:360.94 MB
51.To the sky of the fight0:431.30 MB
52.Brave man's tragedy0:411.25 MB
53.Happiness0:400.98 MB
54.Grief0:421.02 MB
55.TOXIC0:451.09 MB
56.Danger zone0:441.32 MB
57.In the Wind1:031.73 MB
58.Wicked Spirit1:031.48 MB
59.Only one victory0:310.95 MB
60.OverDrive0:340.96 MB
61.Queen of Peace0:370.99 MB
62.Aim wilderness0:341.00 MB
63.Heavenly Voices0:350.92 MB
64.pinch1:051.73 MB
65.Overcoming Darkness1:292.68 MB
66.Fight with friend1:262.52 MB
67.serious1:031.81 MB
68.Daybreak1:011.61 MB
69.Heartwarmingly0:571.52 MB
70.Machine City1:081.94 MB
71.Despair and Hope0:561.43 MB
72.Holy time1:061.58 MB
73.Castle0:581.47 MB
74.Cutting the Gordian Knot0:551.49 MB
75.Sexy Pointer0:541.65 MB
76.Unknown conductivity1:342.58 MB
77.Untitled1:232.07 MB
78.Magnificent castle1:081.93 MB
79.Angel Of Repose1:041.68 MB
80.Whimsical Frineds0:350.98 MB
81.Feel the Rush1:001.70 MB
82.pure0:581.58 MB
83.Reminiscence0:551.24 MB
84.To a Space Faraway - Instrumental6:099.59 MB
85.To a Space Faraway - Coo's Song6:099.38 MB
Total:1h 46m167 MB


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Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming's single player mode features 5. Teams up with the blind songstress Coo to destroy the Gods and free humanity.