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2010 Highway Capacity Manual
Joel Marcuson, PE Jacobs Engineering ICRT Ch 26 Chair, 2010 HCM
2010 HCM Format / Schedule
2010 HCM Format 2010 Highway Capacity Manual TRB
Publicatio ns Highway Capacity Volumes
1. Concepts 2. Uninterrupted Flow Facilities 3. Interrupted Flow Facilities 4. Applications Guide
Updates Chapter 26 (Adopted): Interchange Ramp Terminals Chapter X (Evaluation Copy): Local Urban Streets NCHRP Report XXX: Analysis of Freeway Weaving Sections
Copyright statement and legal notices Webmaster
5th Edition
NCHRP 3-92 Project Schedule 2007
Gap-filling research complete
First draft complete Final draft complete
Committee review between meetings as individual draft chapters are completed
Incorporation of New Research NCHRP 33--60 (Interchange Ramp Terminals) NCHRP 33--64 (HCM Applications Guide) NCHRP 33--65 (Applying Modern Roundabouts in the United States) NCHRP 33--70 (Multi(Multi-Modal Arterial Level of Service) NCHRP 33-75 (Analysis of Freeway Weaving) NCHRP 33-79 (Predicting Travel Speeds for Urban Streets) NCHRP 33--82 (Default Values for HCM) NCHRP 33--85 (Guidelines for the Use of Alternative Traffic Analysis Tools) NCHRP 20 20--7 (Two(Two-lane Highways) TCRP A A--15A (Transit Capacity and Quality of Service – 2nd Edition) NCHRP 33--92 Signalized Intersection Methodology (New Delay Method and Structure Changes reflecting Modern Actuated Control) Gap Acceptance for Six Lane TwoTwo-Way Stop Controlled Intersections 75 Mph Speed Flow Curve for Freeways
2010 HCM - Roundabouts Roundabouts: Need for improved HCM procedure •Anchor to empirical U.S. performance •Ability to analyze multilane roundabouts •Able to be calibrated to local and/or changing conditions
Roundabouts – Key Findings Key Operational Findings from NCHRP 572 •U.S. roundabouts currently exhibit lower capacities than observed in other countries •Capacity clearly sensitive to geometry in the aggregate (number of lanes) •Secondary effects of geometry on capacity (e.g., lane width, diameter) masked by variations in driver behavior •Lane--by•Lane by-lane analysis of multilane roundabouts needed
Roundabouts – Procedure •Can be calibrated to locally measured critical headway and follow follow--up headway •Sensitive to turning movement assignment to individual lanes •Sensitive to lane utilization •User has ability to assign traffic by lane to match existing or projected conditions •Right--turn bypass lanes •Right –Type 1: Yielding –Type 2: Non Non--yielding (acceleration or add lane)
•PCE adjustment for heavy vehicles •PHF adjustment for peak 1515-minute flows •LOS definitions
Roundabouts – Alternative Tools •2010 HCM will explicitly recognize that HCM procedures are not the only way to analyze problems •Applicability of alternative tools to roundabouts –Geometric configurations not included in model –Oversaturated conditions requiring multiple multiple--period analysis –Interaction effects with other intersections •Overview of characteristics of applicable alternative tools for roundabouts –Deterministic tools (e.g., SIDRA, RODEL) –Simulation (e.g., VISSIM) •Need for calibration
WEAVING -A New Way to Measure Length
WEAVING - No More: Configuration Types (A,B, and C) Unconstrained vs. Constrained Operation New Variables Describing Configuration: LCMIN = minimum number of lane changes for all weaving vehicles to successfully complete their desired weaving maneuvers. NWL = number of lanes from which a weaving maneuver can be made with no more than one lane change. Two-Sided Weaving Segments Considered as a Special Case
(a) A Five-Lane Ramp-Weave Section
(b) A Four-Lane Major Weave Section (No Lane Balance)
(c) A Four-Lane Major Weave Section (With Lane Balance)
Examples of Configuration Parameters
Determine the Capacity of the Weaving Section Two Controls on Capacity Capacity of the weaving section occurs at a point where the average of all vehicles in the section reaches 43 pc/mi/ln. Capacity of the weaving section occurs at a point where the weaving vehicle demand flow rate reaches: 2,400 pc/h for cases in which NWL = 2 3,500 pc/h for cases in which NWL = 3 If cw < v, Level of service F exists. If cw v, continue to estimate speeds, densities, and LOS.
v /N S
Level of Service Criteria: LOS
Density (pc/mi/ln) Freeway Weaving Sections
Weaving Sections on CC-D Roadways or Multilane Highways
0 – 10
0 – 12
>10 – 20
> 12 – 24
> 20 – 28
> 24 – 32
> 28 – 35
> 32 – 36
> 35
> 36
v/c > 1.00
Urban Streets
Vision for Chapter 15 Scope Urban street segment and facility evaluation Auto, bike, and pedestrian modes Recognize that sophisticated software tools are available and better suited to some applications Attributes Useful to planner, designer, traffic engineer Pedestrian and Bike Methodology Developed by NCHRP Project 33--70
Automobile Methodology Analysis Unit Segment Includes all movements at signals Can include movements at access points Supports facility analysis Active Access Point Subject Intersection Upstream Intersection
- Subject segment
Methodology Actuated Phase Duration Prediction Controller operation inputs Simultaneous gap gap--out Dallas phasing Controller phase inputs Passage time Minimum green Recall Dual entry HCM Chapter 16 -Appendix B
Methodology Coordinated-Actuated Operation CoordinatedController inputs Force mode Splits used to estimate force off & yield F.O. F.O. Y.P. points Offset & offset reference point Offset F.O. F.O.
Methodology Arrival Flow Profile Prediction Computes adjusted volume Balance flows between junctions Check and honor capacity constraints to entry flows Computes OO-D matrix Distribution of each entry mvmt. to all four exit movements Based on turn turn--mvmt. estimation method in Chapter 10 Upstream Intersection
Subject Intersection
Methodology Spillback Prediction Sustained queue backs up for length of segment Model prediction Identify time when spillback occurs Uses Indicates green needs to be better allocated Indicates simulation should be considered
Performance Measures Average travel speed Control delay Stop rate
Interchange Ramp Terminals
Highway Capacity Manual Chapter Interchange RampRamp-Terminals
Joel Marcuson, PE Jacobs Engineering ICRT Ch 26 Chair, 2010 HCM
Background - Purpose 360: New Interchange Chapter: Develop Accepted Analytic Procedure Single and Dual Intersection Interchanges SPUI’s, Diamonds, Par Par--Clo’s
Chapter 26 – Major Changes: Identify a Process to Analyze Interchanges Level of Service Changed to Reflect Experience Single or MultiMulti-Intersection Device More Complicated than Intersection Analysis More Delay than Typical Intersections Origin--Destinations Important Origin Operational Impacts of Intersection Spacing Lane Utilization (Particularly LeftLeft-Turns) Demand Starvation (Unused Green) Interchange Selection Process
Chapter 26 – Why Needed? No Guidance Today Pandora’s Box of Procedures Used HCM, Intersections Simulation Others No Uniform Method to Check Against Results Good? Bad? Reliable? Cost $30M & Up, Based on Unfounded Analysis
Types of Interchanges
Conventional, D >800 ft Compressed, D =400-800 ft Tight Urban, D <400 ft
Diamond with continuous frontage roads
Diamond with U-turn lanes and service roads
Split diamond interchange (cross roads, one- or two- way)
Partial (half) diamond interchange
Three-level diamond interchange
Parclo A, 2 Quadrants
Parclo A, 4 Quadrants
Parclo B, 2 Quadrants
Parclo B, 4 Quadrants
Parclo AB, 2 Quadrants
Parclo AB, 4 Quadrants
Types of Interchanges (cont’d)
Unique Operational Characteristics of Interchanges
Unique Operational Characteristics of Interchanges (cont’d) Queue presence in the internal link Distance between the two intersections. Demand starvation potential.
Demand Starvation
Level of Service Framework LOS A B C D E F
Delay <15 15--30 15 30--55 30 55--85 55 85--120 85 V/C>1.0, Rq>1.0
Performance Measures and LOS Average Queue Storage Ratio for each lane group V/C for each lane group Average Control Delay for each lane group, and for each OriginOrigin-Destination LOS determination based on OriginOriginDestinations
Next Steps HCS+ Now Incorporates Interchanges NCHRP 33--60 Extension - Collecting Additional Field Data - Incorporate Nearby Intersections - Include 33-65 Roundabouts HCM 2010 to incorporate New Interchange Method
HCS+Interchanges Software Released HCS+ 5.3 McTrans
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  2. Hcm 2010 Pdf Free Download Torrent Free
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Get this from a library! HCM 2010: highway capacity manual. [National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board.;] -- 'HCM2010, which updates HCM2000, will significantly enhance how engineers and planners assess the traffic and environmental effects of highway projects by: providing an integrated multimodal approach. This is Volume 4 for the HCM 2010. To access Volume 4 for the HCM 6th Edition, first published in 2016, please visit hcmvolume4.org. Registrar of Regulations. AUTHORIZATION TO FILE. The 1,650-page HCM 2010 has been split into four volumes: Volume 1 - Concepts. The Highway Capacity Manual 2010 would never have become a reality without the hard work of. How To Download. BROWSE The Book Title On Search Form. Refresh Page if you Not Found The Books. Click Download or Read Button. Just SIGN UP For Download Your Book,Just type your name and Email. Read or Download Highway Capacity Manual 5th Edition (HCM 2010) Vol 2 PDF. Similar technique books.

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PdfHcm 2010 Pdf Free Download Torrent

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Hcm 2010 Pdf Free Download Torrent Free

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