How To Download Videos Off Tumblr App

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With the tremendous advancement in technology, you can now download Instagram videos to PC or phone directly. In few minutes you will be able to know about the awesome trick, how to save an Instagram video to your computer, iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

If you ask yourself how to download videos from Tumblr, or how to download music from tumblr to MP3, you are in the right place! In our Tumblr video downloader you can do it in a few seconds. Just copy the Tumblr video URL into the URL box and click Download. May 7, 2018 - Possible to download videos from Tumblr to iPhone? Of course, this article teaches you how to download Tumblr videos to your iPhone easily.

Instagram is one of the leading Photo Social Networking App now. Users just need to snap and share it with their friends. People follow you, there are #hashtags and many more interesting things. The most important thing that got the attention of many users on this photo and video sharing social networking app is it’s simplicity and also the security it provides.

Recently Instagram also added features of uploading and sharing videos with your friends. But the best part about Instagram has been that anyone would not be able to download or edit videos and pictures you share on Instagram. But this has been the biggest disadvantage too. Though it is a good aspect if we consider privacy and security of your pictures and stuff.

Do not repost/reuse videos or photos downloaded from Instagram without proper permissions

Still many users feel like downloading the videos and the images your friends have shared on Instagram. And guess what? You can download the private videos your crush shared on Instagram with a small workaround trick. There are many Instagram video downloaders available in the market to download videos from Instagram. But you can’t blindly rely on those applications for your purpose. Some may inject malware like Ransomware into your device.

Considering the potential threats from the various fake video downloaders for Instagram, we have sorted the best possible tips and best Instagram video savers to help you.

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Download Instagram Videos to Computer/PC

  • Log in to your Instagram Account using the best web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • Right-click on the video and Select “Inspect Element“.
  • You will see a link in a <div> tag after src, click it.
  • Now your video will start playing in a new tab. Then right-click anywhere on the screen and select Save Video As
  • Your video will now start downloading.
  • You’re done

Download Instagram Videos to Computer Easily

  • Follow first 3 steps from the above procedure and open dredown website.
  • Paste the copied URL in the text box provided
  • Press Dredown!
  • You’re done.

Download Instagram Videos to Phone

Thanks to developers who developed these applications to download video from Instagram to smartphones directly. Using these applications you can even download private Instagram videos (provided you follow those people). Here we classified this guide depending on different mobile operating systems which makes you easy to download Instagram videos online.

How to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

Follow these simple steps to download Instagram videos on any iOS devices.

How To Download Videos From Youtube

  • Download and Install Regrammer application app to download Instagram videos on your device. This app is currently running on iOS 6 or higher
  • Now open the Instagram application and copy the URL of your video or Photo. To copy the URL, just open your desired video or image and top on three dots and click Copy Share URL.
  • Now open previously installed the Regrammer application and paste the copied URL and click Download.
  • You are done

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android devices

Follow these steps to Download Instagram Videos on your Android Device:

  • Now the first step is to download the GetThemAll Any FileDownloader app to download Instagram videos.
  • Install it on your Android Smartphone. Here is the link to download the app from Google Play Store.
  • Now launch the app from the drawer after you have successfully installed it.

If you have any play store issues, download the Instagram video downloader apk directly from here

  • Next enter the ULR of Video you need to download.
  • You can get the URL by clicking three dots undethe r video in your Instagram app.
  • Now tap on the Download option that you will find in the lower right corner of the screen in the app, and then wait for the phone and the app to process the data.
  • Then after processing all the media available on the page, the app will show you.
  • Now as you know, there will be a lot of media files that the app will fetch from Instagram, you need to set the filter like, mp4, avi, or other popular video formats.
  • Now select the file you want to download, in our case, it is a video.
  • Choose the download option.
  • You’re done.

NOTE: Sometimes the videos you downloaded using this app, won’t show up in the gallery app on your android smartphone. But you may find it in the video section of the app, or navigate to the app folder by using a decent file explorer application.

Hope this short tutorial to download Instagram videos to your Android devices is helpful.

How to Download Instagram Videos on Windows Phones

Here we are making use of Internet Explorer windows app and third party online tool to download Instagram videos in Windows mobile. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download Instagram videos.

  • Open the Instagram application on your Windows phone and look for the desired video to download.
  • Copy the actual video URL by pressing the three dots icon.
  • Now open DreDown online tool (Instagram video downloader) in the default Internet Explorer app.
  • Paste the URL and Press DreDown! button.
  • Your video will get saved in Videos.
  • You’re done.

Final Verdict:

Thanks for patience. After going through various methods on how to download videos from Instagram, you should be able to save an Instagram video of your choice. Let us know how you felt about this tutorial to download Instagram videos either to PC or smartphones by making use of comments section below. Share with your friends and let them know these awesome tricks. We will be adding more tricks on Geek Dashboard, don’t forget to bookmark (Shortcut: Ctrl + D) our website.