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But there is no official integration that allows sharing of YouTube videos on Instagram. However, after doing a bit of digging and trying out a few apps and websites we are here with a working solution to post YouTube video to Instagram from iPhone and Android smartphones without root or jailbreak and you don’t have to spend a dime. In this tutorial I share how to upload and download video and audio footage to your apps and camera roll using dropbox.

Using Apple’s amazing new Shortcuts app, you can rip a video from YouTube, download it, and store it in a folder on your iPhone — all without using a computer.

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Maybe you want to watch some clips on your commute without burning through your cellular data. Or perhaps you’re a language or music teacher, and you want to keep teaching materials offline instead of relying on your pupil’s Wi-Fi?

This shortcut can be triggered in Safari, and will save the YouTube video to your Camera Roll, iCloud Drive, Dropbox or other location of your choice. Let’s get started.

No Mac required — this method is iOS-only

Most methods to download YouTube videos for offline watching on your iPhone or iPad involve using your Mac to do the downloading, then iTunes (or an iTunes-like workaround) to get those videos onto your device.

This one uses Apple’s Shortcuts app, which lets you automate all kinds of tasks on your iDevice. It will do the following:

How Do I Download A Youtube Video To Dropbox

  1. Check to see that you’re actually viewing a YouTube video.
  2. Parse the link, and modify it to get the raw video file from YouTube’s servers (you can choose the quality level).
  3. Download that video.
  4. Rename the file to match the title of the YouTube page.
  5. Save the video.

My modified Shortcut is based on an original Workflow from Reddit user danielnotdan, posted on the Workflow subreddit. Workflow was the app that Apple bought and turned into Shortcuts. If you like, you can head over there and download the shortcut. 1

Or, you can download my version, which is tweaked to add steps 4 and 5 from the list above. Just tap that link, and then — when the Shortcuts app opens — you can tap to preview the shortcut before installing it.

I’ll show you my custom tweaks later. For now, let’s see how to use it.

How To Download Youtube Videos To Dropbox On Mac

How to use a shortcut in Safari to download YouTube videos


To use any shortcut in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, just tap the Share Arrow, then tap the Shortcuts icon. A panel will appear with any available shortcuts. Just tap the one you want, and it will run.

In this case, you just have to sit back and watch. If you’re using my unmodified shortcut, you’ll find the downloaded video inside the Shortcuts folder in your iCloud Drive. That’s it. You can now watch it, share it, whatever, just like any other video file.

Tweaking the shortcut to save YouTube videos in Dropbox

To edit the Download YouTube shortcut, just open up the Shortcuts app and tap Download YouTube in the list. Here you’ll see all the steps that danielnotdan put together for you, along with my extras.

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the final step saves the result to iCloud Drive. But what if you want to add it to your Camera Roll instead? Or Dropbox?

To add a new final step, head over to the actions list on the left, and find the one named Save to Photo Album. You can scroll to find it, or just tap a few letters into the search bar to narrow your choices. Then, just drag the action to the bottom of your shortcut. Make sure to delete the Save File and Set Name actions.

By default, the Save to Photo Album action will save to your All Photos album. If you tap the All Photos label in the action, you can pick another album. That makes it easier to find your saved clips later.

To save to Dropbox instead, tap iCloud Drive in the Save File action, and pick Dropbox. You can now specify the folder where the video will be saved.

And that’s it. Next time you want to download YouTube video and save it to your device, just tap the Safari Share Arrow, choose this shortcut, and wait for it to do its stuff. The resulting ripped YouTube video will end up in your Camera Roll.

Other variations

You can do quite a lot with this shortcut. I have modified it to rip audio from YouTube videos, for instance. You can also choose different quality levels by dragging these numbers into a different order.

Here’s what each number means, according to danielnotdan’s original:

  • 22: mp4 720p
  • 18: mp4 360p
  • 34: flv 360p
  • 35: flv, 480p
  1. It’s the first link you find in the Reddit thread. As always when downloading any app, script or executable code from the internet, double-check you’re happy that it is safe before use. Shared shortcuts can be previewed in the browser before downloading, so make sure you do that. ↩

Note: We originally published this post on Oct. 2, 2018. It has been updated.

Do you often use Dropbox to play videos on iPad, iPhone or Android phones? If yes, it’s better for you to find a good way to download YouTube to Dropbox so as to watch YouTube videos later, as not everyone has the spare time to sit in front of computer to watch YouTube videos from the beginning to end. This post will introduce how to download YouTube to Dropbox and transfer them to iPhone, iPad and iPod for an enjoyment on the go.

Step 1. Download YouTube to Dropbox

Since there is no direct way to put YouTube to Dropbox, my suggestion is to download YouTube to computer and then upload it to Dropbox. To do so, what you need is only a YouTube downloader, such as Wondershare AllMyTube which could download and convert YouTube to iOS and Android friendly video format (MP4 or MOV recommended) with simple clicks.

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When you open YouTube videos to play, you can click the Download button on the top right to get them downloaded. You can also copy the video URL and click the Paste URL button at the upper left corner of the software window to download the video. If the Download then Convert Option is turned on, the program will automatically convert the downloaded video to the type you need.

It is obvious that Dropbox is also required. If you need a new Dropbox account, register here.

Uploading files to Dropbox is extremely easy. Just click 'Upload' button after you login your Dropbox account with user name and password, then follow on-screen instruction to get it done.

Step 2. Play YouTube from Dropbox for iPad/iPhone/Android

One of Dropbox's advantages is the convenience that you can access your uploaded files anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Here I take iPad for example to show you how to play YouTube video from Dropbox on mobile devices. Aside from iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications are also available.

When Dropbox for iPad is installed, login and you could find all your Dropbox files on the left. Tap a YouTube video to play on the right hand side. Hit the arrow on top to enter full screen mode.

Step 3. Play YouTube from Dropbox Offline

Save Youtube Video To Dropbox

This is the real option that lets you play YouTube videos anywhere - download an offline version of the YouTube video of Dropbox to your device. To do so,tap the 'star' button in the top right corner when you have an internet connection. Make sure the downloading process is complete in the Favorite tab. From the Dropbox tab, you will see the offline YouTube videos with a circled star icon. Then Click it to play YouTube video offline from Dropbox. Just have fun!

How To Download Youtube Videos On Iphone Using Dropbox

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