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A deep, woody fragrance clings to linens, blankets, and other treasures pulled from a Lane cedar chest, reminiscent of a walk through the forest. With a flip of the lid, daughters around the country are reminded of their parents' love and support. Although families used to stuff hope chests full of household essentials in the anticipation of a daughter's impending nuptials, these days, young women receive these trunks and chests when they leave for college or move away from home. Parents still fill them with practical household items, warm blankets, and towels, but often add childhood and family mementos, pre-paid calling cards, emergency cash, and care packages helpful for life in a new apartment or college dorm room. When looking for an affordable Lane cedar chest, parents can find a vast inventory on eBay, including antique chests produced as far back as 1912 or Mid Century chests for females with a modern design aesthetic. Although your girl may not be leaving home to get married, you can still provide a treasured chest filled with 'hope' for a happy and fulfilling life.
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Lane Serial Numbered Tables

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Lane Recliner Serial Number Lookup

Lane usually inscribes a 5 digit serial number that gives the exact date of production along with a style number. Because so many of these were made between 1912 and the 1980's some of them are lacking serial numbers or have an exact science of determination of date outside of the style. Locate the serial number usually printed on the bottom of the chest. One antique-lovers' site suggests that the exact date on a Lane chest can always be determined by reversing the three pairs of numbers that comprise the 6-digit serial number. In their example, the number 248290 would stand for September (90 reversed to 09). I have a lane cedar chest Serial number 0740321 style number 2231. Guest 1 year ago. In your photos I see some damage on the bottom and on the lid so I would suggest Craigslist.maybe with a starting price and possibly OBO. Just as an afterthought.the auction company had me very lightly sand the cedar interior (and then vacuum out) to enhance the cedar scent. Sep 03, 2013  Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I can assist you. First of all, your cedar chest was manufactured from the serial number code, which is a simple reversal of the date unique to Lane.