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'Pearl OS available in MATE XFCE GNOME PearlDE and now Cinnamon'. New to Pearl 5.0 are a few Flat icon themes and Windows 10 7, 8 and XP themes. Pearl Linux has been offering iso images for download through Download here all new pear os 8 Pear Linux 8, a highly customised Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution with GNOME 3.6: 'Pear Linux 8 is available.

  1. Linux Pear Os 8 Iso Download Free
  • Looks like the devs may have used some of Apple's code. Need to make it look a bit less like OSX. Let's get this project back in active dev.

  • Works very well, and really stable. Virtually flawless. When repositories are down updates can get stuck on stupid. Even the old version 7 (Beta?) was more stable than Win7x86, and I supported about 1800 users for 6 months on (Beta?) version 7. Their forum appears down right now, again.

  • Great distro, nice look and easy tu use. PS update the screenshots xD

  • great product

  • Comice is amazingly similar to OS X. Lots and lots of buzz, and not a thing to download ;) Seriously, I loved the old Pears, but since I got a new computer I've been waiting for the new kernel. The old one was on the verge of being to old for Pear, at least the fan was, and with an A6 chip this one is too new :) Will be great fun to try it, when it gets here :)

Linux Pear Os 8 Iso Download Free

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