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I recently received a Logitech Rumblepad 2 (a joystick, like a PS2 controller) from a friend.

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How would I configure this in Ubuntu? If possible, I would prefer to use a GUI utility.

I tried jstest-gui, but it shows my accelerometer!


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Logitech dual action

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Not tested by me, but found in a link provided at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=393425, I hope this may help.

Install joystick and jscalbrator

sudo apt install joystick jscalibrator

Logitech Dual Action Controller Driver Win 10 0

then run the calibration processes

jscal -c /dev/input/js0 (this is my joystick location, check yours)

jstest /dev/input/js0 (or wherever) If I remember correctly, this should return 0 for no error.

run jscalibrator


and it should recognize the type of gamepad correctly and recognize all of your buttons, and axis

There is also an application called jstest-gtk, which seems to do something like that, I post here a screenshot and the link for you: https://github.com/Grumbel/jstest-gtk (This software may need to be compiled in order to make it work)

Geppettvs D'ConstanzoGeppettvs D'Constanzo

It is possible to calibrate Joysticks in Kubuntu using KDE's system settings. This is a bit of an 'overkill' solution, as of course it requires KDE (and most Ubuntu users will not want this).

I did not have my joystick plugged in for the above screenshot, but I have tried it before and it works.

These are two tools included in the Ubuntu repositories that I have not tested recently (I found these when looking for other options). The first of the two, jstest-gtk, is a graphical tool, and joystick is a set of commandline utilities.


You can install them using:


Jstest-gtk is a front end to joystick's commandline tools.


I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 and have Logitech Rumblepad 2. And what I did was installing these, joystick and jstest-gtk. It's already been calibrate to default and joystick device is detected right. Just plug and play.

If you need to calibrate and save your configuration you can do this,open jtest-gtk, You will see this,

You can calibrate by double click on the device.

Hope it will help you out as it has done to me.

Shaharil AhmadShaharil Ahmad

The answers here are getting a bit old now, and users seem to be having issues again, so this is a current 2016 solution to configuring your joystick or gamepad on Ubuntu.

You can use antimicro, it is a fork of joy2key and has a GUI, use this PPA for 12.04 to 15.10

For 16.04+ use this PPA

Mark KirbyMark Kirby

I am currently using qjoypad for mapping keys (even the mouse) to a Logitech Gamepad F310. It's working well for games that are designed with only keyboard and mouse controls in mind. It seems to require being run from cli as qjoypad --notray. It does use a GUI.

How to Install Qjoypad
First add the GetDeb Games ppa

Then update and install package

Alternatively download the package here and install with your favorite package manager.


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Logitech Game Controller Driver

I been using a Logitech dual action controller and a PS3 dual shock 3 with motion joy drivers of course with great success for years now recently both controllers work for 5-20 minutes then disconnect sometimes reconnecting automatically too,, thought maybe a bad cord connect ect.,,.checked drivers tested ok,working.controllers are recognized too.i tried different USB ports same problem...the driver used to auto load and install every time i plugged it in which i thought was weird.uninstalling it isn't highlighted as an option i tried..i built the pc but im no expert.--
any help greatly appreciated ..
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