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My Little Pony Movie Download
  • The film is done in the classic 2-D animation style and embraces the flat, colorful, Saturday-morning cartoon look and feel.
  • .. the series' distinctive charms poke through, especially at the moment of crisis.
  • Imagine eating a giant bag of Skittles, then throwing it all up in a fit of sugar-induced nausea and you'll have some idea of what it feels like to sit through My Little Pony: The Movie.
  • The animation is certainly richer than the traditional flatness of the regular series, but you have to wonder to what use it's being put.
  • Mk shaolin monks ps2 iso download. Hollywood Reporter

    10/6/2017 by Michael Rechtshaffen

    Attention The Emoji Movie: Your status as worst animated feature of the year might well be in jeopardy when My Little Pony: The Movie trots into theaters this weekend.
  • 'My Little Pony: The Movie' won't disrupt the Best Animated Feature category at next year's Oscars (despite any potential Brony protests), but for a message of friendship, you can do a lot worse.
  • Most of the film feels like an exercise in creating enough plot to hit the 90-minute mark.
  • Arizona Republic

    10/5/2017 by Barbara VanDenburgh

    It's always nice when a kid's film aims higher than the bare necessities, especially when it's a beloved property that doesn't have to.
  • By the time Storm King growls, 'I'm so totally over the cute pony thing,' misanthropes might agree. Yet, its sweetness stampedes over the audience's resistance.
  • Like its television predecessor, is all dressed up in bubbles and cupcakes and rainbows. But it's so jam-packed with rousing girl power, it passes the Bechdel Test with (literally) flying colors.
  • The animated film has what fans of the TV series expect: their favorite ponies on an adventure with occasional songs about friendship and togetherness.
  • This may say 'My Little Pony: The Movie' on its cover, but under it's skin, it's a Disney movie at heart.
  • .. fans old and new should be entertained as long as they're old enough to pay attention to what's happening on the screen. Seriously, how bitter are you if you're hating on this?
  • As it stands, this is a pretty bog-standard animation adventure, with a tradition well rooted in classic Disney fare like 101 Dalmations and The Rescuers.
  • More understandable than the Transformers plot..they have that going for them.
  • This instalment has all the sly wit and fine character development -- once again effervescent Pinkie Pie steals the show -- that die-hard devotees treasure so much.
  • South China Morning Post

    12/11/2017 by Richard James Havis

    The filmmakers have tried hard to subvert the toys' outdated notions of femininity by turning the film into a celebration of girl power and female empowerment, and the idea works well.
  • The (unbearable) songs are a mess. [Full Review in Spanish]
  • The movie is clearly aimed at kindergartners (who may be frightened by some of the violent images); accompanying adults, expect to be left squirming in your seats.
  • When you have a cast that comprises names such as Emily Blunt, Sia, Liev Schreiber and Zoe Saldana among others, you know you're in for a treat.

My Little Pony Movie Songs Download

  1. Sep 7, 2017 - My Little Pony: a film of bad energy threatens the city of Ponyville „Mane Six“ – Twilight Shine, Apple Brandy, Pie Pie Sacred Dash.
  2. My Little Pony: The Movie Trailer A new dark force threatens Ponyville, and the Mane 6 – Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity – embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria where they meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship and save their home.

My Little Pony Movie Online

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