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Oct 16, 2014 - If you want to use a PS3 controller on your Windows laptop, it can be done. After completing the driver and tool installations, you can configure your controller. Started by klfzzo13; Apr 10, 2018; Replies: 1.

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The mouse and keyboard are the standard input devices for controlling PC games. However, the experience of some games is even better if we use a gamepad. Should we already own a PlayStation console, we can use its DualShock controller on Windows. Read below how to connect your PS3 or PS4 controller on PC.

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Table of Contents


The gamepads or joypads are the primary input devices for controlling video games on gaming consoles, like PlayStation or Xbox.

On personal computers, we can practically play all games with a keyboard and a mouse.

But, controlling specific genres of video games with a gamepad is much easier than by keyboard and mouse. A joypad controller offers great flexibility when we play platform, sport, racing, and fighting games.

In case we own the PlayStation 3 or 4 consoles, we can use the PS3 or PS4 controller on PC. This connection becomes fully operational with a third-party application.

The program supports the connection of PS3 and PS4 controller on PC with Windows Vista/7/8.x/10, in 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

On the other hand, if we have the Xbox we do not need the above application for the Xbox controllers.

Xbox controllers

So, if we have the Xbox console and want to use its controller on the computer, the connection is officially supported by Microsoft. Tobal 2 english iso download.

To use the wired Xbox 360 controller on Windows, we have to connect the controller to the USB port and install the drivers.

But if we want to use the wireless Xbox 360 controller, we need the device Xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver.

First, we install the device on Windows, and then we connect the wireless controller to the receiver.

The gamepad of the newest member of Microsoft’s gaming system is the Xbox One controller.

We can achieve a wired connection on Windows via USB to micro-USB cable, and a wireless connection using the Xbox wireless adapter.

In June 2016, Microsoft released a new Xbox One version, the Xbox One S, where the controllers have built-in Bluetooth support for the wireless connection on Windows 10.

PlayStation controllers

While the Xbox gamepads have official support, the same does not apply to the DualShock controllers.

The DualShock 3 controller was never compatible to work on Windows with official drivers from Sony.

A partial exception is the DualShock 4. We can connect the PS4 controller on PC via the Sony wireless adapter that supports the services of Remote Play and PlayStation Now.

Moreover, in December 2016 Valve Corporation announced the native support of DualShock 4 controller on the Steam platform.

However, if we want to use the DualShock 4 gamepad on games that run outside the above services, we may face compatibility issues.

Ps3 Controller Driver For Pc

Fortunately, a developer team created an application that supports the connection of PS3 and PS4 controller on PC.

Also note that the connection of DS4 on Windows using the above program is functional without the need for the Sony wireless adapter.

ScpToolkit application


ScpToolkit helps us to use the PS3 and PS4 controller on PC, making them act like an Xbox controller.

For the wired connection, we use the USB to mini-USB cable to connect the DS3 gamepad on Windows, and the USB to micro-USB cable for the DS4 joypad.

For the wireless connection via Bluetooth, we will need a dedicated USB Bluetooth dongle. The reason we need a Bluetooth adapter is that the application will overwrite the dongle’s official driver with its own.

As a result, the Bluetooth adapter will only host the wireless communication between the controllers and the ScpToolkit program.

The wireless connection of the DS3 controller requires a compatible USB Bluetooth v2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) adapter. While for the DS4 gamepad the minimum supported Bluetooth version is the 2.1.

ScpToolkit installation


At first, we have to go to the developer’s repository (Nefarius) on GitHub to download the ScpToolkit application.

Nefarius has marked the ScpToolkit version as the latest stable, but we will install the latest Beta version.

The reason we use the most recent Beta release is that it contains significant bug fixes. Thus, we download the ScpToolkit_Setup.exe file and start the installation with administrative rights.

This application needs some software packages installed on our computer to run properly. These are the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010/2013/2015 Redistributable Packages, and the DirectX Runtime.

ScpToolkit will scan our system to find the prerequisite software. If it is not yet on our computer, the program will prompt us to download it.

Then, we click “Next,” and we install all the necessary packages from the Microsoft servers.

Once the installation finishes, the main installer of the application will appear.

From the menu, we deselect the “Testing & Troubleshooting” feature because we do not need it. The same goes for the “Profile Manager,” as it is an unstable component at the moment. Afterwards, we proceed by selecting “Install.”

Now, we have to press the big ugly green button “Run Driver Installer.”

Installation of PS3 and PS4 controller on PC

The new window prompts us to install the official Xbox 360 driver if we have Windows Vista or Windows 7 on our computer.

Those users that run Windows 8.x/10 on their system should skip this step because Microsoft has incorporated the Xbox driver into the above Windows versions.

The next step is to plug the DualShock controller via the USB cable on our computer.

If we plug the PS3 gamepad, for example, it will appear as an uninitialized DualShock controller. On the left side of the window, we have to click the “Initialize all connected devices” button.

Once the above process is complete, the gamepad will show up in the Initialized DualShock Controllers section.

At this point, we perform the same procedure to install the PS4 controller on PC.

The next installation screen deals with the preparation of the wireless Bluetooth connection. If we are not interested, we just skip this step by clicking “Next.”

On the other hand, if we have the Bluetooth adapter, it is time to connect it to the USB port.

In this guide, we used the Konig USB Bluetooth v4.0 adapter which supports both controllers.

The process is identical to the installation of the DualShock controllers. Once we plug in the adapter and the application recognizes it, we click on the “Initialize all connected devices” button…

..and the ScpToolkit will replace the Bluetooth driver with its own.

Now, we have to install the virtual Xbox 360 emulator driver.

This driver will modify Microsoft’s official Xbox 360 driver that we have already on our system.

We just select the installation button on the left, and then we proceed with “Next.”

At this point, we have reached the final stage. The last thing we need is to install a Windows service so that all the above processes can work together.

In this window, we select the “Install Windows Service” button, and we finish the installation.

Now both PlayStation controllers are functional on Windows and will act as Xbox controllers.

We can play all the modern PC games that support gamepads with those DualShock controllers.

ScpToolkit’s desktop shortcuts

Ps3 Controller Driver 64

When the installation is complete, the application creates four desktop shortcuts.

We can double-click the ScpToolkit Updater shortcut from time to time to update the program.

In the ScpToolkit Monitor shortcut, we have the ability to monitor both the wired connection of the controllers…

..and the wireless communication as well.

Note that if we wish to turn on the DualShock controllers via the Bluetooth connection, we select the PS button.

To switch off the gamepads, we press and hold the combination L1-R1-PS.

If we want to add another PS3 or PS4 controller on PC or to set up a Bluetooth adapter, we choose the ScpToolkit Driver Installer shortcut.

There, we will perform again the same steps to install the controller or the Bluetooth dongle as described above.

In the last shortcut, we will find the ScpToolkit Settings Manager which is a global configuration panel. In that panel, we can manage various settings for both controllers and for the application itself.

Finally, if we want to activate the program’s tray notifications, we type the word “tray” in the Windows search bar.

From the menu, we click on the “ScpToolkit Tray Notifications” option.

Do you use your PS3 or PS4 controller on PC?

Rock Candy Ps3 Controller Driver For Windows 10 Free

If you have encountered any problems during the installation, leave a comment below. Otherwise, have fun.

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1 postsMember
First, Please keep any pc master race controller hate flaming out of this thread. I am just looking for some info.
I have used a controller since day 1. Done most of my fps on consoles so it's just what i'm used to. Every game except battlefield hardline has worked with my wired xbox 260 controller right out of the gate. Down to changing the prompts like 'press spacebar to continue' to 'press X to continue' Farcry 4, Shadows of Mordor, Fallout 4, MGS5, etc.
I don't want any aim assist help or anything like that. As far as I ever noticed in my console gaming days, aim assist only worked in single player campaign anyway. Not multiplayer. I just want to use my controller the same way it would work on a console. Since the game is out on the new consoles I see no reason why it wouldn't just work exactly the same. I know I would be at a disadvantage but being left handed and using my left hand for my mouse for the last 20 years makes it impossible to use the wasd layout all games have as default. I've never really found a good left handed key setup where I can reach all my buttons. The controller just packs it all into a format I am comfortable with.
tldr; How is the controller support for a wired xbox 360 controller right out of the gate. No third party programs or anything. will the game properly recognize it? Thanks.

Download Ps3 Controller Driver For Windows 10


Windows 10 Ps3 Controller Drivers

  • 255 postsMember
    Wired 360 controller support is quite good. I prefer it for anything flying and do quite well most of the time.
    Plug and play.. well, have it plugged in before you star the game. As soon as any button is pressed it will switch over to 360 controller.
  • 2 postsMember
    Thanks Sleepys_Walker. I was wondering the same thing.
  • 2787 postsMember
    Thanks Sleepys_Walker. I was wondering the same thing.

    Keep in mind you'll have zero aim assist whatsoever. It's certainly usable and I'm now well on my way to a positive kd, but you're gonna have a bad time to start.
  • 4 postsMember
    I have to load the game through steam to override EA's **** ingame controls.
  • 34 postsMember
    I was using the x360e software emulator for a while just to get throttle control and a few ff forces on my MS force feedback 2 joystick. There was a few show stopping issues though and had to revert back to default MS 360 driver support which is actually pretty darn good. One good thing about the old MS Sidewinder option is it's already a 360 controller emulator for xinput games with their 360 controller windows driver installed.
    I have only been playing Fighter Squadron, about 12 hours logged. I've been playing a lot more now I've come to terms with the flight control and loving the game more each battle.
    If air combat is your thing and looking for a great flight stick, I would have to say any MS Sidewinder is your safest option to assure compatibility with xinput as well as direct input games. The customizing software doesn't run in anything newer than XP but still completely functional for all controller compatible PC games.
  • 414 postsMember
    I use my PS3 dualshock controller
    Works like a charm. Seamless transition between the two
  • 3 postsMember
    i want to try this..
  • 9 postsMember
    I switch back and forth between an Xbox One wireless controller and KB+M. I'm using the new Xbone wireless USB receiver released back in October 2015
  • 2 postsMember
    I would like better compatibility and customization with controllers. Even with Battlefront 1 I had an issue with plug-and-playing controllers on Windows 10, and even after acquiring a Logitech Gamepad F310, I am unable to customize the layout to fit the locations of the joysticks and buttons on the gamepad to suit personal needs and comfortability, instead locking players into the traditional XBox controller layout. If all of the buttons and dpad could be customized, then that would be much better.
  • 5 postsMember
    I also have a F310 and was under the understanding that more than just xbox controllers were supported, the game is unplayable with the games setups using this controller (most people don't want to pay 70 bucks or more for an x box controller) I'm probably gonna shelf the game because of the lack of support in the controller dept..i thought the game was supposed to be constantly updated..not a weekly trained monkey go and this for a reward content..i can play wow or SWToR for that.