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There are plenty of reasons you'd want to get your Roku's IP address. It's an important bit of information about any device on your network, and for something with as many streaming applications as a Roku, it'd be hard not to bump into a scenario where you need to find the IP.

  1. Roku Serial Number

How to Find Roku IP Address With Your Remote

It's easiest to find your Roku's IP address from within the device itself. Your Roku makes its IP address readily available within its menus. You just need to know where to look.

  1. From the Roku main menu, move down to the settings.

  2. Search for the networking option.

  3. Under that submenu, find About. There, you'll find your Roku's IP address and other useful network information about your device.

  1. H0 - Roku 1 HD J0 - Roku 1 XD K0 - Roku 1 XD S N0 - Roku 1 XD (??) 11 - Roku 2 HD 12 - Roku 2 XD 13 - Roku 2 XS 16 - Roku LT For what it's worth, what I found somewhat surprising is that the counts seem to weigh pretty heavily towards the Roku 1 XD (J0) and the Roku 2 XS (13), with those two splitting up roughly 44% of the devices linked at 22% each.
  2. Submit the code and wait to see if your device’s serial number appears on the My Devices list If not, you may have to repeat the process either with the same code or a new one Use the help menu on your TV to obtain a new Roku activation code.
  3. The Roku Ultra model number is 4660. Roku 4 is perhaps the latest of the Roku streaming devices. The major distinguishing feature from its predecessor the Roku 3, is the 4k streaming capability.

Roku Serial Number

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How to Find Roku IP Address Without A Remote

You might not always have direct access to your Roku's menus; be it for troubleshooting, or you're trying to configure something from another room. In any case, you can access your Roku's IP address over your network in a couple of different ways.

With Remoku

Roku tv serial number

The easier way to get your Roku's IP is with a Roku remote add-on for Google Chrome called Remoku.

Remoku is a web app that lets you use a virtual remote on your computer to control your Roku over your network. Because of that, it needs a feature to find and connect to Roku devices on your network. That's exactly what you're going to be relying on here.

  1. Open Google Chrome, then open the Chrome Web Store. If you don't know where it is, there's probably a link in your bookmarks bar. If you don't have one, do a Google search for 'Chrome apps,' and the Chrome Web Store should come right up as the first result.

  2. Once you're in the Chrome app store, search for 'Remoku.' The first and only result is the one you're looking for.

  3. Select the blue Add to Chrome button to add it to Chrome.

  4. Open Remoku via the icon in the upper right of your Chrome window. The virtual remote will pop open.

  5. Across the top, you'll see your menu for the app. Select Settings. The top box of the settings menu contains all the tools for connecting to your Roku.

  6. The first two lines are what you need. In the first line, make the IP address pattern match your network. The default IP address will work for most people, but if you made any changes to your network, ensure the configuration matches. The next line lets you specify the number of Rokus on your network and start scanning to find them.

  7. Remoku will scan through your network's range of IP addresses and look for ones belonging to Roku devices. When it finds them, it'll list them out for you and you can find your Roku's IP address.

From Your Router

If you'd prefer a more direct approach, there's another option, but it depends on your router. Most routers have a way to view the devices currently connected, however, not all routers let you see the name of the device or look up the MAC address; you're going to need one of those to identify the IP address on your Roku.

  1. Open your web browser of choice, and navigate to your router's admin interface. It's usually just at the router's IP address.

  2. Depending on your router, you may see a listing of connected devices immediately. Otherwise, you should sign in to the router and browse to the status pages. Those usually contain connection information.

  3. Your router could list the Roku devices by their hostname, which would immediately identify the Roku devices on your network; they'll be listed by name next to their IP address.

  4. If you don't see any Roku names listed, that's alright, too. Look for MAC addresses in the listing of devices. Most routers have a column for it.

    Some routers let you look up the device manufacturer by the MAC address right in the interface. Select the MAC, and the info you need should appear.

  5. If not, it's not a big deal. You can look it up yourself on sites like as long as you have the full MAC address. Ridin dirty mp3 download free. Roku devices will list Roku as the manufacturer when you look them up. It's a roundabout way of getting there, but this method still lets you associate an IP address with your Roku.

  6. There you have it! Whichever way you get there, you can always find your Roku's IP address, as long as it's on your network.