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After both suffer physical damage -- brothers Edward and Alphonse battle nefarious forces to try to reclaim their bodies in this supernatural anime.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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The Elric brothers take part in a manhunt for the dangerous Isaac the Freezer, a former State Alchemist bent on bringing Führer Bradley down.

A glimpse into the past reveals the pain and desperation that drove the Elric boys to break alchemy's greatest taboo: human transmutation.

Science and faith collide when the Elrics confront Father Cornello, who may be abusing a Philosopher's Stone to manipulate his flock.

The Elrics meet Shou Tucker, who has much to teach Ed and Al about alchemy -- and the horrible cruelty that sometimes accompanies it.

Edward and Alphonse are attacked by Scar, a mysterious and incredibly powerful killer wanted for a string of gruesome murders.


The Elrics meet Dr. Marcoh, a State Alchemist running from past sins who has information that could put the Philosopher's Stone within reach.

Having discovered the horrific ingredient in a Philosopher's Stone, the Elrics prowl the grounds of a secret laboratory in search of more facts.

Ed and Al furiously battle the Fifth Laboratory's psychotic guards. In the chaos, the truth behind the Philosopher's Stone is buried in the rubble.

When Al becomes angry over the thought that his entire existence was simply created by his brother, only Winry can convince him just how wrong he is.

When the conspiracy surrounding the Philosopher's Stone closes in on the military's highest ranks, one of Mustang's most trusted allies is murdered.

The Elrics, realizing alchemy has yet to unlock the mysteries of creating life, feel powerless when a new friend goes into labor.

While visiting Izumi, their childhood teacher, the Elrics recall the early difficulties of grasping the concept of equivalent exchange.

When Al is abducted by chimeras and Ed's rescue attempt falls short, Izumi proves once more that she's got the brothers' best interests in mind.

In a clash with Greed, King Bradley proves to be a brutal opponent. But the man who destroys the Ultimate Shield is more potent than even the Führer.

The Elrics scuffle with Ling Yao and his attendants, Lan Fan and Fu -- visitors from Xing seeking the Philosopher's Stone.

Envy still hides in plain sight among the State Alchemists, and another Homunculus is on the verge of infiltrating their ranks.

Even those most loyal to the Flame Alchemist are shaken by the controversial action he takes against the accused killer of Maes Hughes.

Ed's journey to a distant land offers surprising details behind Mustang's alleyway encounter with Ross. Elric learns a secret about Winry's parents.

Mustang, Alphonse, Havoc and Hawkeye split up to search a military laboratory. If Lust has her way, none of them will ever see each other alive again.

Hohenheim's visit ends with a grave warning to Pinako, but among the ruins of his childhood Ed finds hope that Al can be returned to his body.

Ed and Al devise a perilous strategy to lure the Homunculi out of hiding. Step one: risk death at the hands of their most dangerous enemy, Scar.

Upon learning the role that Scar played in her parents' deaths, Winry claims as her own the same murderous feelings that possess Scar.

Cooperation between Mustang's cabal and Ling Yao's band leads to the capture of a Homunculus -- but also gets the attention of a Homunculus spy.

Gluttony's twisted powers overwhelm the Elrics. Meanwhile, Mustang acts on his suspicions about Bradley and finds himself in the belly of the beast.

Ed and Ling face a horrific enemy within the hellish expanse of Gluttony's gut. In Central, Mustang can only watch as Bradley divides his soldiers.

Alarming truths are revealed when Al finds the one called Father and Ed once again breaks alchemy's greatest taboo.

Visions of the past play out as Hohenheim reflects on the follies of man: the pain that comes with family, the truths of alchemy and the roots of war.

The Elrics come face-to-face with Father. Mac miller weekend download mp3. Ed and Al can only watch as Father creates a new Homunculus with alchemy that should be impossible.

If the brothers make one wrong move, those dearest to them will suffer at the hands of Bradley. Also, there may be no need for a Philosopher's Stone.

As Edward hears Hawkeye's tale of a time when young soldiers were tasked with genocide, the horrors of the Ishvalan battlefield are revealed.

Even as his subordinates are scattered, Mustang finds he still has allies -- unfortunately, so do his enemies. The Homunculi unleash a killer.

A secret encounter allows Mustang to spark new ambition in an old friend -- an ally with troops. Meanwhile, Ed and Al meet their biggest fan.

The northern borderlands become a battlefield when Kimblee closes in on Scar. Ed and Al fight the bitter elements as they try to reach Fort Briggs.

The soldiers at Fort Briggs remain vigilant against the threat of spies. The compound seems impenetrable -- but a violent intruder proves otherwise.

Ed unveils a conspiracy of staggering scope: a plot that has already claimed countless victims. Clues suggest bloodshed will also come to Fort Briggs.

As Raven tries to corrupt Armstrong, Ed and Al must wait in a cell. Long ago, their father faced captivity, and to escape the pain, he said good-bye.

Hawkeye is shocked when the first Homunculus reveals itself. Kimblee makes an offer to Edward, but he first must agree to become a mass murderer.

When Scar is cornered by a pair of chimeras, the Elrics become unlikely allies with Scar. Later, Winry's attempt to confront Scar ends in disaster.

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Winry's abduction by Scar is revealed, but a rescue plan must still be hatched. A brutal storm is coming -- one which only Alphonse Elric can brave.


Long ago, the blood of a simple slave was used in an experiment that created a strange, shapeless being.

Bound by more than blood, the Elrics have long shared joy and pain. Now, the mystical connection of their souls could prove fatal.


May and Marcoh's efforts to decode the research of Scar's brother yield progress, but it might be too late to prevent catastrophe.

In the snowy north, the soldiers of Fort Briggs engage an invading army, and Marcoh leads an attack against monstrous Envy.

Hohenheim and Alphonse enjoy a chance to get reacquainted. Their bond is restored with ease, inspiring the father to share his secrets with his sons.

Quiet warnings spread near and far: The Promised Day is at hand.

Those who have prepared to reclaim a nation find their plans exposed. The chaos multiplies after an assassin strikes down a mighty leader.

A sinister voice rings out from the shell of Al's armor, and Ed and Greed find themselves under attack.

After investigating the twisted roots of the Bradley family tree, Mustang gathers his most loyal troops.

With his father's help, Al takes incredible steps to contain the monstrous Pride.

Mustang leads a ragtag assault force of hardy northern troops -- and welcome faces from the past -- against Central's defenses.

Ed's crew faces a horde of ravenous mannequins, abominations powered by human souls.

With a Philosopher's Stone in his possession, Alphonse fearlessly engages Pride and Kimblee.

A rumor about an alleged coup d'etat aids the rebels while May entices Envy into a trap that leads to a confrontation with Mustang.

Edward sees through Envy's ploy to turn the group against each other. The tide begins to turn in the battle between the Armstrongs and the Sloth.

As one battle ends, another begins. Hohenheim and Father fight for possession of the Philosopher's Stone as victory is claimed.

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Father contrives his escape while Bradley faces some mighty adversaries as he begins his attack on Central Command Headquarters.

A deadly fight between Bradley and Fu occurs. Edward's group encounters the doctor who created Bradley, leading them to face a brand new challenge.

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Ling draws on the full power of Greed to destroy the enemy at the gate. Edward's group finds Hohenheim and is caught in a trap.

The situation takes a turn for the worse as Edward, Alphonse, Hohenheim, Izumi and Mustang await their fate in Father's lair.

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Father executes his plan, absorbing all the souls in Amestris, allowing him to unlock the heaven in the sky and the Eye of God.

An eclipse provides some form of hope for the Amestrian souls as Hohenheim reveals the long game. Edward fights Pride for a final time.

Edward, Armstrong and Izumi find a way to undermine Father's sustained attacks. Alphonse makes a sacrifice to help Edward.

Following a final showdown with Father, Edward repays Alphonse's sacrifice with a sacrifice of his own. Hohenheim finds peace at last.

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The Elric brothers return to Resembool to face a new future. Edward and Winry finally express their feelings for each other.

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