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The Tome of Beasts is a masterclass in good monster design, and it’s now available as a PDF download or hardcover at Kobold Press. Over 400 creatures are ready-to-use to challenge your players, but you can also use them as inspiration when creating unique and exciting monsters for your own players at home!

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kobold Press Tome of Beasts review


A few months ago I backed the latest Kobold Press kickstarter and just a few days ago I received my pdf copy of the Tome of Beasts and thought I would share my thoughts and opinions on it for this community to see. First a link to the pdf

Now onto my review. If you are looking for more options in monsters and don't want to reskin them yourself or make them have I got the book for you. The tome not only presents new unique monsters that will leave your players saying 'The hell is this' it also gives you more variation on classics like the skeleton, Dragons, and golems. The book brings you 400+ monsters ranging from cr 1/8 to over 20 giving you play tested and really well designed monsters for your level 1 adventure all the way to your level 20 adventure.

The art work is for the most part amazing, but I personally think a few of the monsters look to cartoonish at least for me, but those are few and far between.

The only other major criticism I have about the tome is that there are so many fairies, I was unaware the fey wild had so many different little trouble makers to deal with.. 'shivers'

A couple unique monsters just to give you guys a taste:

  1. The sharkjaw Skeleton

  2. /how-to-download-mickey-mouse-clubhouse/. The Lich Hound

  3. The Millitaur.. Yes a milipede minotaur

Tome of beasts free download

All in all its a fantastic book worth the money and I would tell any DM it is a definite must have.

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