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Travis Porter My Team Winning Download
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Free download Travis Porter ft. Wale – My Team Winning Mp3. We have about 20 mp3 files ready to play and download. To start this download Lagu you need to click on [Download] Button. Remember that by downloading this song you accept our terms and conditions. We recommend the first song titled Travis Porter Ft Wale - My Team Winning.mp3 for free. Listen to and Download ReYup, the new song from Travis Porter ft. Travis Porter are back with their new mixtape 3 Live Krew, this project features Bankroll Fresh, Cap 1 and more. Free Travis+porter+ft+cream+team ringtones. Create and share your own ringtones, videos, themes and cell phone wallpapers with your friends.

Travis Porter My Team Winning Download Free

Download game of thrones comics. [Intro]
Bad hoes I'm seen with them
Car seats got Screens in them
Hoes roll, got beans in 'em
Check the stats, my team winning(x4)
Ok, my trap bunking got beans in it
Green gold got bling in it
Back seats got Lean in it
Check the stats, my team winning(x4)
[Verse 1: Travis Porter]
This ain't no taxi, taxi
I'm rolling down the window
From the back seat, back seat
No this ain't no rental Boy I Bought it I own it I keep a chauffeur, he drove it
My pocket money can't fold it
I keep some bitches to hold it
My belt got lv's in it
Shoes got lv's in it
Bank account got G's in it
Here a hundred dollar bill, I sneeze in it
And if you got 2 Doors I Be's in it
Wanna watch me, I leaves in it
If you see a bad bitch In The Passenger Seat
You know damn well that Ali's in it
[Verse 2: Wale]
Ok, my team winning, my team winning
Gotta H Town girl, codeine sipping
Double G slippers, I'm a clean nigga
Nigga black drinkin' like he don't need a liver
Lot of bitches lot of liquor and a little tree
I gotta bring a couple more cause I'm t-p
I bet the high siditty bitches try to play me
I bet they get it indi-end like a teepee
Ok, chief-in on whatever on another level
Never been a fool, and that's word to eric neville
Yeah, and they all looking at me
You such a runnin rebel, when you in LV
High, ain't nuttin they can tell me
I got bars I don't think you nigga's cell ring
You little niggas little league I'm the real thing
I still wonder while you little niggas still breathe
I'm ring winnin, my jeans different
Lil PRPS like 3 digits
Don't be on BS keep it G, nigga, what it be, nigga
Yeah, check the stats, my team winning
Bet I get a bitch open like a flea-flicker
Ricky Vaughn in this bitch, Major League, nigga
And to think you muthafuckas thought Sheen winnin'
[Verse 3: Travis Porter]
Ok, check the stats, check the racks
We getting money, you can face the facts
Monday through Monday we be cashing checks
We den turnt it up now it's at the max
Lv on my feet with a belt to match
Hit yo ho with a muthafuckin baseball bat
Den I put that ho on the welcome mat
Den I tell that ho ain't no coming back
I do this shit for a exercize
Keep me a bitch with some sexy thighs
Flexin' hard nigga all the time
Ain't wearin' that shit if it ain't customized
They at the bottom {we at the top}
We popping bottles, it don't stop
They killed the scene; I killed the block
Put a brand new [?] on top my watch
Got a beans if you wanna pop
I pop one, you pop one
Whole team in dem new drops; nigga you should go && go cop one
Bad bitch riding shotgun
2 of her friends in the back boy
My team winning that's a fact boy
You got phat pockets like a fat boy
Check the stats, my team winning
All my hoes got team with em
Shirt cotton; my jeans denim
Had to wear the 13's with them
Had to wear the 13's with them
3 blunts got green in em
2 cups got lean in em
1 bitch, my team hittin {my team hittin}
Yeah bitch, my team hittin
My bitch fly, my pit fly, my car fly, got wings in it
Got wings in, clear eyes, vizine in it
You need to check the record, you better check the stats, I bet they tell you that my team winnin