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Jan 1, 2017 - New Unreal Engine 4 Open World Game Vestige of the Past. Ocarina of Time Lost Woods remake in Unreal Engine 4 available for download. This game has been Greenlit by the Community! Greenlight > Games > Fineway Studios's Workshop > Vestige of the Past. Greenlight is being retired. Steam Workshop: Greenlight. Vestige of the Past is a an open world game in which you are exploring an immersive world of alternative presence and trying to survive in an almost familiar but oddly diff.

  1. Vestige Of The Past Download

We got yet another entry from Steam Greenlight, and it seems as if indie devs Fineway Studios wants to close out 2016 with a big game on the platform entitled Vestige of the Past. The open world game includes everyday aspects of cooking, driving, working and even hunting in an ever growing sandbox-like world.

A summary for Vestige of the Past sits below for those curious as to what the game has to offer, which reads:

“Vestige of the Pastis a an open world game in which you are exploring an immersive world of alternative presence and trying to survive in an almost familiar but oddly different place. What is behind that contrast between what your eyes are telling you and your gut feeling? Well you will have more pressing matters to worry about at the beginning.”

The game is said to hold a “captivating Story mode” that uncovers the true nature of the world that the devs have created. Moreover, the city that is present in the game is based on its real counterparts in Brno, Czech Republic, and its surroundings.

Furthermore, the game is built on the Unreal Engine 4 and is using its own assets to create an “astonishing atmosphere” with buildings that you will be able to enter and interact with once inside. This includes locations like business, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, auto repair shops, and more.

The devs also make mention of players having to move up in ranks of their “vibrant society” that holds characters with unique personalities. Upon building up reputation in this game you will be able to choose the following careers that consist of a fast food worker, a farmer, auto mechanic, hunter, fisherman, and a delivery boy.

More jobs are also set to be revealed later, but working isn’t the only important thing in this game. According to the devs survival skills will also play an important role, too.

It’s worth noting that the devs don’t want players to be burdened with work constantly in the game, but to have a sense of creativity through customization and having fun…

“having fun and expressing yourself are key, too. Therefore we are working hard to create a customization system so you can express yourself in the game. You will be able to equip your home and office, customize your car and, of course, your own character.”

Now that the core mechanics and gameplay features are out of the way, you can look over some screenshots that show in-game stills, but it’s worth noting that the graphics will likely see changes and improvements in the future.

This now brings us to the two new trailers posted up on Greenlight showing what the game has to offer folks, which is currently on Fineway Studios‘ YouTube channel.


Vestige Of The Past Download

If you think that this game is something worth voting for you can hit up Steam Greenlight. For more info on the devs you can head on over to