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Windows IoT Core. These are the core OS images that power the Windows IoT platform. Windows 10 IoT Core is the smallest version of the Windows 10 editions that leverages the Windows 10 common core architecture.

Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft Operating System. The technical preview of Windows 10 was available in only a few selective languages while Windows 10 RTM comes with the full list of supported language packs. Windows 10 has made it quite easy to install a new language pack and a user can directly download a new language pack from Windows Update.

Update: Download Windows 10 Version 1803 language packs Direct Download Links

Update: Download Windows 10 Version 1709 language packs Direct Download Links

Update: Download Windows 10 Version 1703 language packs Direct Download Links /speak-to-my-heart-donnie-mcclurkin-mp3-download/.

But for advanced users, it is always fun to download the language packs of your choice and install them even without an Internet connection. This is why we give the direct download links to the latest Windows 10 language packs.

There are two types of language packs, full language packs will transform the Windows 10 Operating System into a particular language while language interface packs will change the input language only so that you can write in different languages other than your default Operating System language.

The full language packs were provided for free by Microsoft in the earlier Operating Systems like Windows 7 language packs but now you have to buy the full language pack from Microsoft if you want to install it. The language interface packs are still provided free of charge.

Windows 10 64-bit language packs direct download links

Windows 10 French (Canada) language pack (fr-ca)

Windows 10 32-bit language packs direct download links

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Windows 10 Spanish (Castilian) language pack (es-es)

How to install these language packs manually?

These language packs are in the form of a cab file. Follow the instructions below to install the language pack manually.

  1. Go to Run –> lpksetup
  2. Click on Install Display Languages
  3. Give the language pack path (CAB file) and click Next

You can verify the installation by going to Settings –> Time & Language –> Region & Language.

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Installing a language pack in Windows 10 using Windows Update

You can install multiple language packs in Windows 10 and make one language your default. The advantage of installing the language pack from Windows Update is that it will always give you a compatible version of the language pack according to the system build. Also you will get a lot more language options than from the manual download method.

To install a new language from Windows Update, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings >Time & language >Region & language.

  2. Select Add a language.

  3. Select the language you want to use from the list, then choose which region’s version you want to use. Your download will begin immediately.

In case you are having problems with your Windows 10 language pack installation, you may always ask us by leaving a comment below.

Windows 10 En-us Lip Download Torrent Download

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