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I have recently learned that WIM images can be modified with 7zip, allowing you to insert files directly into a WIM for quick minimal changes to a WIM (removing an icon from a certain user's desktop).
I also learned that the Microsoft Windows 7 Download tool places a generic Windows 7 WIM onto the flash drive for its imaging process.
If I made a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive, but then went in and replaced the generic Windows 7 WIM with our own custom WIM after it was finished, would it deploy our own custom WIM?
I keep wanting to test this myself, but never have the time to play around with it.
Our newer computers have 256 gigabyte 960 Evos and i7-7700k in them (Thanks to yours truly) and I have a Corsair Voyager GTX flash drive so I was hoping for;
8 gigabyte WIM / 400 megabytes a second Flash Drive = a 20 second image process
40 seconds would also be acceptable lol.
  1. Delete Wim File
  2. Burn Wim File

Download the full “Windows 10: Expert Blog Content” guide to plan out the rest of your. Since WIM files can be bootable, it is a simple matter to launch Windows. A single WIM file may be created with several different versions of Windows 7. WIM File WIM (Windows Imaging Format) is WIM is a file-based disk image. Free Download Easy 7-Zip; Install Easy 7-Zip by step-by-step instructions; The. Finally, you’ll need to download and install the Windows AIK for Windows 7 (even if you’re performing these steps on Windows 8 or 10). Microsoft makes this available for download as an ISO file, so you’ll need to either mount the ISO to install the software, or burn. How to download images to cricut. Windows 7 32 Bit Free Download Wim office mac home student 2011 download Cheap ms office 2010 professional plus 64 bit windows 7 download media. Do you just want to be able to view, copy, and print Microsoft Word files offline, but don’t want to pay for it? Microsoft’s Word Viewer is what you need.

Sometimes when some of the dll files gets deleted somehow or certain Windows features crashes due to corrupt file then we had use system Restore or have to perform clean installation to get those files back. But while we use System Restore or we perform clean installation some or all our installed gets deleted. install.wim file in your windows 7 or windows vista DVD contains a windows image. IF we could Extract it then we could use those files it to replace the corrupted file in our Windows.
Or you can also modify the .wim file to add or delete a program or file.
This tutorial is all about how to mount or modify install.wim or any .wim file.
Things you need:
1)ImageX.exe from the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)
2)install.wim file from you windows installation DVD.
3)More than 5GB of hdd space.

Copy the install.wim file to you local hard disk(let say i copied it to f:).
let say you have kept imagex.exe in c: drive. And you are going to mount the .wim file in d:mount.
You cannot mount .wim file directly to any drive

To mount .wim file in d:mount at first we have to make a folder in d: named mount.
There are two process of mounting:
1)with read only permission(you can`t modify .wim file).
2)with read write permission(you can modify .wim file).1) Mounting With read only permission:
Open command and go to c:
then type: imagex /mount f:install.wim 2 d:mount
And install.wim will be mounted to d:mount.

2) Mounting with readwrite permission:

Delete Wim File

Open command and go to c:
then type
imagex /mountrw f:install.wim 2 d:mount

where d:mount is the location of the mount directory, f:install.wim is the name and the location of the .wim file to mount, and 2 is the reference number of the specific volume in the .wim file.

Modifying an Image
After you mount an image, the directory structure becomes available from a file-management tool, such as Windows Explorer. From the file-management tool, you can review your file and folder structure and add, edit, or delete files and folders.
To view files and folders
On yourcomputer, start Windows Explorer, and then open the mounted directory. For example,
Review the file and folder structure, including content.
To Add Files or FoldersIf you must add an application or a device, verify that you included all of the required files. Although you can add application files and folders, you cannot install applications.
To edit files or folders
On your computer, start Windows Explorer, and then open the mounted directory. For example,

Edit the files and the folders. Move the files and the folders within your image, or open the files and view their contents.
To delete files or folders
On your computer, start Windows Explorer, and then open the mounted directory. For example,
To delete a file or a folder, press SHIFT+DELETE.
You cannot delete an entire .wim file. However, you can delete all of the files contained within the image. The DELETE key alone will not delete any files or folders you have to use SHIFT+DELETE.

To Unmount an ImageOn your computer, at a command prompt, open the ImageX directory(as on my computer i have kept it in c:).
OpenThen type: imagex /unmount /commit d:mount
where d:mount is the location of the mount directory. If you do not specify the parameters to unmount, this option lists all of the mounted images but does not perform the unmount action.
If you use the /unmount option without the /commit option, your changes will be discarded. To save your changes, you must mount the image by using the /mountrw option and the /commit option when unmounting the image.

Burn Wim File

Feel free to comment. And if i have done any mistake in the tutorial feel free to speak about it. Thanks for reading.